Things that women hate about men and you should know

There are things that women hate about men, even though it is difficult to understand, it is worth knowing.

Things that women hate about men and you should know

1. Not remembering special dates:

If there is something that women do not like about men, it is that they do not remember the ‘important’ dates.

In many cases, I have seen women announcing with smoke signals or loudly the day of their birthday or anniversary to individuals with whom they have been in relationships for years.

And others, ruminating in silence, “How doesn’t he remember my birthday?

He messed it up”.

2. Being told is their fault:

There is nothing that can be more fruitful than being blamed for something as the only argument: “It is your fault”.

Women have a natural tendency to feel responsible for everything that happens around them.

She feels guilty when she works and she has small children, she feels guilty if she can not take them to the game, she feels guilty if they are sick, she even feels guilty if the couple is unfaithful!, and so in all areas of her life.

The woman finds it difficult not to take responsibility for the unhappiness of her loved ones. Therefore, when a man puts an end to a female argument with “the fault is yours” ignores that he is adding a heavy burden more on her conscience and the path of happiness.

So listen to what she has to say and try to answer something more constructive.

3. To be unfaithful:

For every occasion that presents to a man to be unfaithful, the woman is presented with a hundred.

So be careful, gentleman, that where you are your partner has a hundred men to choose from just by setting foot on the street or on the Net.

4. That they do not take care of the relationship:

Men usually center their lives in the work as if the social prestige or the economic status was the unique source of possible happiness in their lives, so that when they have a sentimental relation, passed the initial period of falling in love men usually abandon the couple literally.

Thus, until one day the morning comes off with a reality: that she already dresses and perfumes herself for another.

5. That he does not like to talk about love:

Normally, women like to talk about love, be it cashier, nurse or nuclear engineer.

However, the man does not usually like to express his feelings.

6. Not to be told how beautiful she is:

Archeology and anthropology attest to the coquetry of women from the Palaeolithic to the present day, since there were goddesses and figures representing motherhood, beauty or femininity.

We even talk about when there was an equality between men and women, some 25,000 years ago, before there was a change in human history and from then on we began to see women as an object and not as an equal.

Be that as it may, women have always liked to beautify themselves. And it is pleasing that her partner tells her how beautiful she is, especially when she has been in front of the mirror for 30 minutes.