Things that women find attractive in men according to science

We know that relationships go beyond physical attraction, but we admit that there is a characteristic that can improve the first impressions of women.

There is no shortage of magazines and websites filled with articles on how women can be more attractive to the opposite sex, but what attracts them to men?

Here are five characteristics that make men seem more attractive to women, scientifically proven:

Things that women find attractive in men according to science

1. Tall men.

According to several studies, women prefer tall men because speaking in terms of evolution, tall men are stronger and therefore a more appropriate partner than a shorter man.

Although the authors of one of the studies emphasize that a tall partner is not a global preference, although it is more common in the West.

2. A symmetrical face.

Often someone is considered attractive or beautiful if they have a symmetrical face.

In the case of actors like Ryan Gosling, Denzel Washington, and Brad Pitt, one of the characteristics that make them look attractive is that they have a nice symmetrical face.

Once again speaking evolutionarily, facial symmetry is a sign of good health and adaptability.

3. Deep voice.

If you are a fan of audiobooks or documentaries, you probably know the importance of a good voice, since it can make the content much more interesting or boring.

This also happens when a woman chooses a partner.

Studies have shown that the female gender prefers serious voices because this indicates higher levels of testosterone, which is also related to good health.

Another thing that women associate with a serious voice is that the person is big, not overweight, but in stature and muscular complexion.

4. Facial hair.

According to a 2013 study, the most attractive length of facial hair (beard and mustache) is approximately 10 days after being shaved.

The authors write in their conclusions: Facial hair is often related not only to maturity and masculinity but also to dominance and aggressiveness.

The researchers also discovered that women associate facial hair with a perception of fertility.

As long as the man has more hair, the woman will think that he is more fertile.

Another interesting finding was that men with beards were perceived as better parents who could protect and care for their offspring.

5. A marked jaw.

A man with a good bone structure, especially a well-defined jaw, is perceived as having more testosterone and therefore more masculine.

It also unconsciously shows women that the man in question is more virile and will be a good partner.

What all these traits have in common is that they are all related to the woman perceiving the man as a fit couple.

The five characteristics speak of the masculinity and virility of a man, which evolutionarily means that is a good man to have children.

Although it may seem strange, it is the way in which evolution has made women feel attracted to men who help ensure the preservation of the species.