Things That Really Mean A Lot To Women

The little things a man does for a woman means that he will always do something else for his partner. Because the details show that you are willing to make an effort for her. It doesn’t need to be a special date.

Any man waits until Valentine’s Day to give a special detail to his partner, while a good husband or a good boyfriend knows that there are 364 more days left to make her fall in love. He also understands that gorgeous and romantic gestures are great, but everyday activities when he pays attention to his partner are even better.

Here are little things that are great when it comes to proving that you care about a girl.

Things That Really Mean A Lot To Women

1. Remembering the names of her friends.

Your girlfriend has told you about her friend at least about 17 times since you are together, and when you address her by her name you let her know that you really pay attention to her when she talks – especially when it comes to things that don’t involve you directly-.

2. Clean for yourself.

Cavemen roam around giving other guys the reputation of being complete jerks. Here are three possible scenarios:

1. You have your own house and she visits it. She will like to discover that you keep it neat and clean.

2. You share a house, in which case she is really going to thank you for keeping it tidy and clean.

3. She has her own house and you spend time there, in which case it is imperative that you help her keep it clean.

It is really not that difficult.

3. Tell her really how you feel.

Men are known because they are not open and honest about their feelings. But just as you would tell a girl that you don’t read the mind, she doesn’t have that gift either. Your partner will appreciate that you trust her and you can open yourself enough for her to know more about yourself.

4. Don’t push her when she tells you there’s nothing wrong with her.

It’s hard not to insist when we care about someone and we don’t see her happy, but there are times when just being there is enough.

Saying “There’s nothing wrong with me” means that she is not prepared to share or express what is happening to her yet.

5. Do not criticize her food or beverage choices.

“Are you really going to eat that?” “Are you sure you want another drink? Yes, she is. And now she is going to ask for double the portion or a third glass thanks to your reckless comment. You are his partner, not his father.

6. Don’t take forever to reply to a text message.

You do not have to be stuck to your phone, but if she sends you a message, have the courtesy to answer it in a reasonable time. You will show her that she is your priority, even when you are busy. It will only take you a few seconds.

7. Watch whatever TV program she likes, at least one night.

You may not really be interested in watching women series, but being in a relationship is not about limiting yourself to your own interests, it also involves participating in the things that your partner enjoys, even if they are not your favorites. You don’t even have to do it every day, but you’ll get points and she’ll probably see the next movie you want.

8. Learn to cook.

If you still don’t know how to do it and even an egg goes wrong, learn to prepare at least one or two dishes. Nothing fancy, but women think a man is sexy when you’re in the kitchen. (Sounds like a victory for both)

9. Give her a massage or take a bath together.

It will be great if she has had a long day, but even if she did not, she will love to enjoy an intimate moment of relaxation. It is a great excuse to be physically close to her and make her feel good. Like you needed an excuse for that!

10. Take her on a date.

No matter how long you have been together, you should never stop having a date. Whether it’s about going out to dinner or going to a movie, it’s important not to let things get boring. Give her a good reason to dress well and go out.