Things That Men Will Never Understand About Women

After a thorough investigation, we have finally discovered that men will never, never understand women. Why? I don’t know.

Ok, I accept it, they are very bipolar and they confuse you. Women are emotionally the most complex creatures on earth.

Men, allow me to explain some things about them, some of which you will literally never understand. Your attention please:

Things That Men Will Never Understand About Women

1. Drinks in the club.

“Hello, stranger. Will you invite me to a drink? Two, three? or even the full bottle for my friends?

Thank you very much for the drinks, but let me be clear: Because you buy me alcohol it does not assure you that I will go with you.

So if I say no, do not make a drama in front of my friends, because with them I plan to return to my house. You must understand that unless you are Brad Pitt we will not go anywhere. But thanks for the tequila.

2. When they say they need space.

It means “fight for us.” Time never solves problems, it only delays the solution or helps never solve it. Stop being cowards and grab your pants to fight for them.

That makes them feel that you need them, you love her and that she is unique and important. If you can’t do that, it’s because you don’t deserve her.

3. They don’t go around the same issue so much.

They analyze, remember everything that they tell them and separate each word from the sentence. Call them crazy or as you like, but most of the time, in which they are talking about the same thing, it leads them to decide the right thing.

They trust their intuition and do not forget anything.

4. They already know the truth.

Most of the time they ask you something, they already know the answer. So tell the truth once and for all. Otherwise, they will think that they are dating a liar sociopath who only uses her and plays with her feelings.

5. When they say that they are well, it is a LIE!

This is law, it is one of the stereotypes of every woman. It is something that is proven and happens all the time, and the man still does not understand. Perhaps women say that it does not matter or that they are well not to be seen as unfortunates or passive-aggressive women; It is simply not to scare you. Sometimes they think their problem is so obvious that only a fool could not see it.

So, when it happens to you and she says she’s fine, keep asking. Not one, not two; Ask up to 25 times or as necessary.

6. They fantasize.

Like men, they have them too. They can spend hours talking about the Diary of a passion, Titanic, Gatsby and many more; Because the only thing they are looking for is romance. Since they were little, all women dream of their charming prince, because just as they do not tell you that your fantasies are stupid, neither are theirs.