Things That Men Think Impress Women

Understanding the opposite sex has always been and will be a hard, long and difficult task. Despite being programmed to be together, women and men live in different universes, so it is difficult to put oneself in the place of the other and understand it, except for those privileged who have the gift of mastering the art of courtship.


Nevertheless, fortunately, the human being has managed to perpetuate the species generation after generation, although everything would be easier if individuals of each sex took into account a small list of recommendations when it came to impressing the opposite sex.

Emerging from the consensus among several women, here is a list of indications to be taken into account by men who, although being a classic while obvious and of common sense, sometimes fall into forgetfulness.

Things That Men Think Impress Women

1. Strength Demonstrations.

Thousands of years ago, the human being left the caverns to become what he is today thanks to the development and use of his king organ: the brain.

Even so, the most primitive side of every man comes to light when it comes to courting a lady, and tries, by all means, to prove to be the alpha male, the leader of the pack, and for that, flaunts his gross strength: fights (friendly and not so friendly), lifting heavy objects for no apparent practical reason, breaking objects, blows, and savages of all kinds.

No, dear. Not that way. Prove to be intelligent beings above all, that brute force will not lead you on the right track. Normal women look for more than that.

2. The three-day beard.

Let’s be honest, the three-day beard only suits a few. Far from giving you a sexy and casual look with which any woman would melt with just seeing you, usually, that face just makes you look like a beggar. Wearing a three-day beard and not looking like a homeless person is a privilege of a few.

Beyond aesthetic reasons, women do not like the three-day beard for practical reasons: When kissing, it is really uncomfortable for women. Yes, there may be unwanted marks in the face. It is also true that many times it is worth such a sacrifice, that women should not be so picky either.

3. Rude compliments.

I want to believe, and I hope so, that you do it as a game between friends and not for purely reproductive purposes, because, I really mean it, there are no words that describe how tremendously stupid that behavior is.

4. Muscle hypertrophy.

We know that you not only go to the gym to keep the shape, be at ease with yourselves and keep the competition at bay but also to drive women crazy with your perfectly sculpted biceps and pectorals worthy of Fidias himself. Well done, you know the way.

The problem is that sometimes you go over, you lose track of reality and, inflated with steroids and shit of all kinds that will kill you from cardiac arrest before the age of 45, you flaunt your huge muscles, which more than attractive or sexy it’s scary. Think that it is the equivalent to women and thinness: a little is pretty; too much, is not good.

5. Acceleration and psychotic driving.

Passing in front of a group of girls showing off your driving skills while putting the physical integrity of the pedestrians at risk, hitting acceleration at the exit of the traffic lights, driving like a psychopath through the city while taking the girl as a co-pilot …

Do you really think that normal women would be attracted to someone who drives a car like a madman? What do you want? Do you know that the first thing that comes to mind before such demonstrations is to question your intelligence and your mental balance?