Things That Men Should Never Say To Women

We did a survey asking about the worst things that men have said to their partners.

Here we bring you the 10 things that men should never say to women … I invite you to see this entry and add ideas …


Things That Men Should Never Say To Women

1. “You look like my ex”

Unless your ex-girlfriend is a Victoria’s Secret model, women do not like to be compared to them.

So better leave her in her place, your past.

2. “It’s just that my mom does it like that”

Women love that their couple has a good relationship with their mother, but it does not mean that they like to be like her or anyone else.

We already said it. The comparisons are too much. When women want to do something like your mom, they will ask.

3. “You’re starting to look like your mother”

Yes, women love their mother, but they all have (even a little bit) the fear of becoming like their mothers.

So do not tell them especially if there is something derogatory in your tone.

4. “Stop being so dramatic”

Being dramatic is such a part of women’s life that it is almost impossible for them to stop being like that.

Do not waste your time insisting on this.

5. “You’re exaggerating, it’s not that bad. Take it easy”

Yes, it is for so much and more. And when you say it, less desire gives them to calm down.

6. “I do not feel like doing it today”

We already know that women usually say it more often than men do, but when men reject them makes them feel very bad.

7. “Are you going to wear that?

“If you do not want to wait for another hour and a half, you better not open your mouth.

8. “If you loved me, you would do this for me”

Manipulating them with this will only make her less likely to do so. Better, look for another persuasive technique.

9. “I’ve been with X women in my life”

Really? She doesn’t care, so better save it.

10. “Are you really going to eat all that?”

Yes! They do not always have to eat salad.