Things that men do that make women jealous

Women are jealous by nature, clear that some more than others but there are several men who make many merits for this jealousy to increase, so today we have developed a list of 4 things that all men do and generate more jealousy in women so that you stop doing it at once.

Things that men do that make women jealous

1. When they are not a priority:

All women like to be the center of attention and above all to listen to them and pay attention to them, that’s why it bothers them to be ignored or to be the second option of someone, especially their partner.

And with this, we refer to the outputs, the messages, the calls, all kinds of communication in general.

2. When you spend too much time stuck on your cell phone:

When he is by her side and keeps an eye on his cell phone, smiles and has a great time, it is an obvious reason to doubt her partner and ignite her jealousy.

A lot of men believe that girls do not realize it but the reality is different.

3. Keeping communication with your ex:

The ex is part of the past and should be left there, if you still communicate with her or you are aware of her, it is something that she should be concerned about I guess.

Open your eyes and stop doing that.

4. Being very attentive with another woman:

When you are too attentive with another woman who is not your mother, sister or grandmother, any woman should be careful and be careful.

There is a very close line between being attentive and flirting with another woman.