Things That Men Believe Of Women That Are Not True

We know that for many men the female world is a mysterious place full of things they don’t understand. However, there are things that many men think they understand about women and are not at all true.

Here we leave you the things that men believe of women so that you leave doubts once and for all:

The world is very unfair to women and here is another ridiculous proof.

These are the Things That Men Believe Of Women That Are Not True:

Things That Men Believe Of Women That Are Not True

1. That they are always flirting.

That just because they greet you or smile at you, they are flirting with you: sometimes men don’t understand that a woman smiles at them solely because she is being kind and not because she is blowing the wave. Truly annoying.

2. That they have no hair anywhere:

Some men swear that women were born with soft, smooth skin and no hair. It is clear that sadly not, and the process to achieve that is very painful/complicated so you better appreciate it.

3. That women wake up smelling of flowers, with a perfect face, without dark circles:

Women have this tendency to try to look pretty, delicate and feminine all the time but in reality, they have a rather unpleasant facet that men think does not exist. We are all human, right?

4. That they are only thinking about getting married or having a serious relationship:

For some reason, men believe that women are always looking for something serious when in reality they may simply want something casual. Yes, women are also afraid of commitment and are not all looking to settle with someone, so relax a bit.

5. That whenever they are in a bad mood they are in their days:

Hormones do play an important role in women’s mood but that does not mean that every time they are in a bad mood is because it is “that time of the month.” Do not be exaggerated and have a little empathy.

6. That she does not realize when you see other women:

Some men think they are very discreet, but women notice perfectly when they look at other women or interrupt the conversation to see the beautiful two-meter tall model girl going by. There is nothing wrong, just do not pretend.

7. That women don’t like casual sex:

Women love sex and sometimes they don’t need “sex with love” to have a good time. They are perfectly capable of having a night of passion and fleeing the next day hoping never to hear from you again.

8. That women hate sports:

There are many girls who love not only watching sports but playing them. Do not underestimate her. The same goes for video games.

9. That they don’t go to the bathroom and don’t have bodily functions like you:

Do you really believe that they are nymphs of the forest who never have gas or stomach problems? It would be very nice but sadly not. Deal with it.