Things That Make You Look Less Attractive

Our actions, as well as the rituals we perform every day to look perfect, in fact, may be spoiling our efforts by not fulfilling 9 basic habits that by not carrying them out are making us less attractive, according to various studies endorsed by science.


The Independent newspaper is the one who has been in charge of gathering all these studies. Know them and start taking them into account, maybe it is the reason why you have not managed to conquer someone in recent months or even feel low self-esteem, however, everything is in your hands to resume these simple habits.

Things That Make You Look Less Attractive

1. Sleeping a little

Effects: look older, with dark circles, as well as mood changes such as irritability and sadness; It also increases stress and anxiety.

People who do not sleep long enough tend to have a decayed appearance, therefore, less attractive and healthy, as demonstrated by a series of photographs where they compared the appearance of those who had slept 8 hours and those who had not.

Minimum you should sleep 7 hours to look radiant; and if your problem is insomnia, see a doctor.

2. Bad boy posture

Maybe some women are attracted to men with this type of appearance, however, the study “Personality manipulations: Do they modulate facial attractiveness ratings?” showed that those men who have performed a bad action are rated as less attractive.

The best thing is to inspire trust.

3. Forcing your body language

Be natural. Although if you have a bad posture, the ideal would be to correct it. Try to be relaxed without getting too rigid and uncomfortable.

You should always think that you must achieve the perfect balance and be in quiet mode.

4. Stress

Effects: hair loss, reduction of sexual appetite, obesity, acne and more. All these effects make you look less attractive. In addition, we remind you that stress is associated with a lack of fertility.

We all live it and it could be said that sometimes it is inevitable, however, you can control it, learn to fight it.

5. Excess of happiness and pride

We are not recommending that you walk through life with a low profile, but women are less attracted to someone mega-optimistic and presumptuous. Someone who always wanted to show that he is better than others and someone who wants to be the protagonist all the time.

6. Lack of a sense of humor

In fact, for many, a sense of humor is a decisive factor when choosing a partner. The sense of humor is the new sexy.

7. Laziness

Being kind, proactive and helping will make you more attractive. Monotony tires.

It is not bad to want to spend a weekend at home in total rest, but always staying on the couch at home is not a good idea.

8. Bad smell

There is no more to say, we believe that nobody is interested in someone who has a bad smell, and here hygiene is essential.

9. Sincerity

Honesty is key in relationships, someone dishonest is not well seen by others.