Things That Make You Instantly More Attractive

Has it happened to you that there is someone extremely attractive and when you analyze it they really don’t have “anything special”?

The secret is in the details, in those little things that you have to pay attention to and will make you instantly more attractive.



Things That Make You Instantly More Attractive

1. Clean shoes.

For some reason that scientists still do not investigate, women love men with impeccable shoes, there are some guys who even carry in their car or have in the office those little things with which they can be cleaned, believe me, it is simpler than what it seems but the effect on women is a thousand!

2. Perfect necks.

Make sure that the collar of your shirt is perfectly clean, and ironed, some shirts even have “collar stays” and are precisely to prevent them from moving or bending, It’s an extra touch on your image.

3. Dress up.

If you are one of those guys who usually have a casual look, occasionally wear a blazer, a suit or something more elegant “just because yes” and if you are one of those who goes in a suit for a lifetime, then use something more relaxed such as some jeans and a white t-shirt, women want men who can adapt to any situation!

4. Fitting

That is, that it fits you perfectly, do not buy suits whose sleeves are long or pants that seem designed for the legs of a giraffe, wear clothes to suit you.

5. Cut your nails.

When you take women’s hands or caress their faces, they don’t want it to look like sandpaper is going through their right cheek or worse, even run the risk of getting an eye pulled out with your long nails, use a nail clipper, don’t use your teeth!

6. Use moisturizer – throughout the body-.

The moisturizer is not only a girl thing, but women also don’t like to see your knees or elbows drier than the Sahara desert, there are many types of creams, if you are one of those who sweat a lot choose a light one and yes, use it on the whole body.

7. Get rid of hair on the ears and nose.

I know, it sounds disgusting and it is, so avoid it, you don’t need to work on Wall Street to do this kind of thing and believe me it will make you instantly more attractive.

8. Don’t you hump.

Unless you get into the Disney story, nobody wants the hunchback of Notre Dame walking beside her, a man who walks upright demonstrates safety, attitude, women all want one like that!

9. Smells good.

It is not about making every place you enter smell like you, but subtly when you greet the girl of your dreams she perceives your scent and is pledged by you! Use deodorant and also choose a scent that is your “seal”.

It is important to take care of the small details that will make you instantly attractive, you will feel better and your surroundings will notice it.