Things That Make A Man Look Sensual

When women admire the male body, although some lie to say that it is the eyes or lips that most attracts their attention, it is other things that make them think that a man is very, very attractive.

That’s why then I’ll show you those characteristics that make a boy sexy:

Things That Make A Man Look Sensual

1. Back and strong arms.

For many girls this quality provides security, therefore they will always be attracted to someone who will protect them from anything.

Something like the gentleman who will prevent the dragon from attacking the princess.

2. The little bones in the hips.

It may seem strange, but many girls like to admire those “bones” that can be seen in the hip, especially because they are the result of a body very well worked.

3. Bad boy attitude.

The cinema has made this stereotype a mystery and the desire of many girls, since it shows him as the man who, despite appearing rude, actually has a good heart.

Besides, who can resist someone who is not afraid to say what they think, dresses as they please and does not care what they say?

No doubt being tough is usually quite sensual.

4. Has a baby.

For many women, seeing a man who takes care of his children is irresistible. Since it means that he is a man committed to the family, responsible, loving and delicate.

Seeing that he likes children, has patience and gives them love is something very attractive to women.

5. Makes women laugh.

There is nothing sexier than a man who has a sense of humor, physically may not be very handsome, but if he has the quality of always having a smile on his face, no doubt there will be no one who does not want to be by his side.

6. Intelligent.

Remember that the brain is the largest sexual organ in the body, therefore no woman is able to resist a man who has an interesting topic of conversation, knows how to express himself correctly, knows about literature and always has something interesting to talk about.

This is worth more than a nice body and an angel face.

Those are the qualities that make a man irresistible in the eyes of women.

If they tell you it’s the mouth and the eyes, they lie! A study reflected that it was the aforementioned characteristics, do you agree?