Things that hurt women more than infidelity

The death of a relative is one of many events that hurts a woman the most.

Infidelity is not the only thing that hurts a woman the most.

Here are some other situations that we discover in Salud180 that can be more painful, according to the opinion of Dr. Ana María Sánchez, a psychologist.

What hurts a woman the most?

Things that hurt women more than infidelity

1. Death of a loved one.

The psychological changes presented to this event, such as fragility or bitterness, tend to be more intense than those that occur in the face of infidelity.

2. Having a serious illness.

Denial, anger, and stress are feelings that women face when receiving a delicate diagnosis.

 3. Problems with a child.

Know that her child is facing emotional changes and despite her help, he is irritable with her, it is a process that hurts a woman a lot.

4. Economic problems.

It is one of the problems that cause more stress and depression because it directly affects all her personal spheres.

5. Work stress.

Failure to meet the expectations of the company can generate anxiety, depression, and frustration.

6. Betrayal of a friend.

In general, friends become brothers and if one of them betrays, it causes in the other person a pain that hurts a woman more than an infidelity.

7. Kidnapping.

Suffering this event can lead her to suffer psychological traumas for life.

8. Physical violence.

A blow leaves marks not only on the skin but also on the soul.

9. Verbal violence.

Words hurt, are the ones that hurt a woman the most because they stay engraved in the mind, in the memories.

10. Losing a job.

This loss brings with it anguish, emotion that hurts a woman more and in the long term, causes low self-esteem.

11. Judging her.

On many occasions, the woman can be judged without foundation or fact, which is something that negatively marks the relationship of a couple, with friends or family.

All these circumstances can impact more to a woman than an infidelity, do you identify with any? tell us, for you, what hurts more to a woman than an infidelity.