Things That Every Woman Wants Her Partner To Do For Her

Women do know what they want from men!

When they have a relationship they want simple things like cooperation, trust, and friendship.

Therefore, to clarify the doubts we indicate 12 things that every woman wants her partner to do for her.

Things That Every Woman Wants Her Partner To Do For Her

1. Help them cleaning the kitchen after eating together.

I mean, wash the dishes, please.

It is better when you have the initiative and do it without women noticing or when they are busy with something else in the house.

Also, you can cook or think about what to eat later.

If you have a visit, they want you to prepare the food and drink that will be offered at the meeting.

Women do not want to do work alone because it exhausts them and sometimes stresses them.

That is to participate in their lives and not just be a witness.

2. Show that you trust them.

A woman realizes when her partner is distrusting.

You could tell her: “everything is fine, for me it is normal”, but they know how to decipher gestures.

The best thing is that you trust her without having to answer a long questionnaire.

In case that you fear that she’s just another woman who disappoints you, the whole truth will be known at its own time and this becomes an opportunity to continue her life with the person who does really love her.

3. Do not be hurtful when commenting on what you do not like about them.

No words you say should be hurtful, a lack of respect or insult.

If she has a defect, you should have the patience with her just as she would do with you.

Together you can overcome different difficulties.

4. Do not get jealous of her past or friends.

The most ridiculous thing is to ask about people from their past.

Neither man nor woman should know everything about their partner because it damages the relationship.

Women do not need to hear with how many women you have been with or how your relationships have been.

Neither women want to talk about their intimate life.

The best thing is to leave the past in the past and live in the present.

5. Value what they do for you.

Sometimes saying “thank you” is the best antidote for a bad day.

This happens because feeling that her effort is valuable motivates the love and desire to be with the couple to be strengthened.

The worst thing is to try to do a thousand things so that the couple does not notice it or you believe that it is part of their responsibility as “women”.

6. Being treated like his best friend.

This helps to have fluid communication.

If the relationship is based on friendship, then you will have fun as children and take care of yourselves as adults.

This is one of the secrets for all kinds of relationships to work.

7. Motivate them to be better.

A woman does not want to hear pessimistic comments.

They need to be motivated from time to time and to remind them how valuable they are in the most critical moments like those when they feel they lost their way in life.

8. If you promise something, you must always do it.

Women do not want you to promise them things you can not fulfill.

They do not like that you give them false hopes. If you want to promise something, be realistic not romantic.

9. Never believe that you should satisfy them by simply being their partner.

Some men think that they should be loved so much by their girl, but they do not tend to return that affection.

They believe that they should be the center of attention of their partner more than any job or project that their girl has.

10. Never be pessimistic when they want something in their life.

Do not try to discourage them.

When a woman is strong, she does not need pessimistic comments.

They only want them to be happy when they grow as people, instead of being the ones who want to stop their dreams.

11. Be understanding in difficult days.

Not only is it a difficult day when she is in her period. Also, it is difficult when she has had a day of bad news.

They do not all want hugs and not all want to talk about it.

Sometimes, it is better to find someone with whom to create a good time to forget what happened.

12. Be loving.

Be loving at all times unless they are talking about a serious topic.