Things that drive women crazy but they prefer to keep it quiet

Some men do not know what women like, because for many women it is a shame to express their emotions and they also get frustrated because they do not receive what they like or give what they want.

Next, we will present the 5 things that women like in bed:

Things that drive women crazy but they prefer to keep it quiet

1. The caresses and the passionate kisses:

This is a good initiative so that they begin the process of warming up previous to the function.

2. A good stimulation:

This may be accompanied by objects or toys, it is recommended to do so before the function begins so that she can achieve the maximum climax.

3. Discover the exact point:

You must start by caressing her “part” since it is sensitive to direct contact, then you can move to the point that we all know is 2 inches inside your partner’s friend.

4. The perverse language:

At the moment of having sexual relationships, the words become more daring, because at that moment they do not want to be treated as girls.

Give her a few bites or a few technical touches on her body are very good but do not go from the daring to the animal.

5. The position in Doggy Style:

Many are sorry to say that this is one of the most favorites for them and do not know how to take the initiative but dare to do it, your girl will love it!

And she will surely thank you because she will have the best night of her life.

For women, it is fascinating to make the man have an excellent night, but it is really difficult to know the exact moment in which it will happen so it is very convenient that she expresses it well with words or gestures.

Having relationships in certain places where they can be discovered generates an adrenaline that makes them reach the highest level.

There are women who are not easy to reach during intimacy and they do not let the man know, however, there are other methods that can help.

Many like to try different functions to get the most suitable for their enjoyment.