Things That Concern A Woman During Sex

A woman who loves herself and respects her body enjoys her sexual life without prejudice.

It happens to Many women that when they are in bed with their partner, some insecurities arise, and these may not affect their daily lives, but when it is time to jump to the intimate plane everything changes.

Ruth González Ousset, sexologist, and expert in sexual therapy at the Autonomous University of Madrid presented for the ABC Familia website, the things that concern a woman during sex.

Things That Concern A Woman During Sex

1. Not having an orgasm.

Women worry about not causing disappointment or making their partner feel bad about not reaching orgasm or not having one at the same time as him, so the sexologist Ruth González explains that they reach the point of faking climax.

This is why the specialist recommends not being obsessed with feeling it at the same time because each person has a different rhythm and could affect enjoyment.

2. Body odor.

Some women worry if their intimate area will smell bad when they practice oral sex, and even perfume it.

3. Practicing other sexual positions.

There are women who refuse to practice different sexual positions for fear of being wrong or for not having the physical condition and that is why they are intimidated and do not dare to try new things.

4. They don’t believe in themselves.

The specialist explains that some women underestimate themselves and feel unattractive to someone else, which causes dissatisfaction, so she clarifies that it is important to recognize that every person has defects and virtues. The important thing is that she believes in herself and loves her own body.

5. They block themselves.

Cultural beliefs with which a woman is formed sometimes do not let her express herself freely about what she likes or not, during a sexual relationship with her partner.

In other words, a woman could be weighing that she wants to fulfill a sexual fantasy but her beliefs do not allow it and that is when she could prevent herself from enjoying her intimate life.

6. She does not have sexual desire.

The specialist says that the lack of sexual desire occurs in both women and men and is increasingly common for the pace of life. Generally, sexual desire decreases due to stress, fatigue, problems or disagreements.

7. Infidelity.

If there has been infidelity on his part, a woman could imagine situations of that relationship when they are in bed and therefore will not enjoy the moment. The more details and information she knows about that infidelity, the worse it will be.