Things That A Woman Says When She Is Not Interested In You

It seems that some men are blind to see reality. Although many usually understand it right away, there are many who do not realize when they are bothering someone or when a woman is not interested in them.

In their inner fantasy, they believe that women are “playing” or are putting them to the test, and in their attempt to get her attention, they behave idiotically, until they are told the truth: “I do not like you. You do not interest me. Leave me alone”

So if you think you are one of the men who can not understand a hint, we leave you a basic guide that will show you that she is not thinking about it and that she does not have a bit of interest in you.

Now, if she does not want anything with you, it might be better to make a friendship with her or wait, without constantly insisting.

Things That A Woman Says When She Is Not Interested In You

1. Tells you about other people with whom she has gone out.

If you really had a chance with her, this would not happen.

Of course, it is likely that after a solid friendship, things will change and you can go out with her, but if she treats you as her confidant from the beginning, at that moment she is definitely not interested.

The advisable thing is not to insist (nobody likes someone who thinks to be able to change the opinion of somebody by insisting all the time).

2. Invites others when you tell her to go out together.

If you tell her, “Let’s go out,” and she responds by suggesting that you invite other people, it’s not that she does not see the hint, but that she’s trying to avoid being rude, and even though she probably likes you, she does not want anything else at the moment.

If you insist, she may stop answering so, it is best to understand the message and look for someone else.

3. She asks you for advice to go out with other men.

If she does, she is definitely not interested in you, but in someone else, and at that moment you would become her confidant.

There’s nothing wrong, maybe you can appreciate the friendship, but you’re definitely out of the game, and although in the future it could change, at that moment it’s better to forget it.

4. She tells you that “all men are idiots”.

With that, you will know that she is not interested in you and anyone else … at least for the moment.

Many times men think we see hints but when women speak in that way, so candid, it is better to listen and understand that it is not time and maybe later, or better never.

5. I do not want to go out with anyone”.

Another of those direct lines that do not hide anything and tell the truth. Do not insist. Do not be that man.

Accept that it is not the time and better focus on friendship.

6. “I’ll tell you, “Let me see”.

If she gives you those answers when you invite her out, We’re sorry, man, she’s not interested, and she’s being pretty transparent.

7. “Sorry, I had not seen your message”.

Yes, she saw it, friend. She did not fall asleep. If she does not decide to answer, you’re basically not on her radar, and you’re not a priority.

8. Criticizes you subtly.

If she makes observations of the type … “your hair looks bad”, or criticizes your way of being, she is basically telling you the things she does not like about yourself, and she does not care that you think badly of her.

That’s more than a friendship, so, give up hope.

9. When she says “friend”.

We’re sorry, that’s how it happens sometimes. If she says friend, you’re definitely in the so-called friend zone, so there’s not much to do.

You can not complain, she does not have to correspond, and it can happen to anyone, so, look elsewhere, there is much fish in the sea.

10. She says “thank you” when you tell her that you like her.

Fairly direct. She is not corresponding and she is just being nice. Sorry.

Do not be that dude.

Do not be that insistent guy or the idiot who thinks he’s going to convince someone by being 24/7 chasing her.

If you saw that she does not care, you better look for someone else,