Things that a woman only does with the man she loves

These are some things that a woman only does with the man she really loves.

Things that a woman only does with the man she loves

Things that a woman only does with the man she loves

Things that a woman only does with the man she loves

1. Sleep with you.

Women only sleep with someone they really love because, in a process of maturing and returning to the game, they take up the experiences they have had to learn from all the mistakes made.

Yes, sex is an important part of the relationship, but so is intimacy.

And they do not give that part to anyone they do not really love.

Sleeping with someone is more than just having sex, it is a form of connection far beyond the physical theme.

2. She is shown just as she is.

To undressing is not just to take off your clothes, it is to show yourself as you are, without any mask.

A woman only shows that face to someone she really loves.

Her tastes, her habits, hidden fears, the goals she has in the short and long term, her hobbies.

When a woman is able to break with the schemes and show herself as such, without any “makeup”, it is because she is really in love.

3. Makes known her fears.

We all have internal demons, fears that we have not been able to overcome, injuries that we can not cure.

When a woman comes to trust someone she can shed her layers and show all these fears.

A woman in love really reveals her most terrible secrets to the man she considers her partner, and does not do it with anyone else.

4. She has details.

They are things as simple as a good morning message, a cold beer in the house, a couple of tickets to the theater or a call telling you that she misses you.

All these details are not with anyone else and are her ways of expressing that what she feels is really strong.

She knows that small things are what make a relationship stronger and that is why they are present.

5. She includes you.

A woman only includes in her plans the person she loves, because she wants her in her life, because she wants her friends and family to know him, because she wants to have him in her real world.

She wants that person she loves to be an important part of her plans.

From having a coffee, going to a bar or family gatherings to traveling and studying outside.