Things that a woman does when she no longer loves you

Sometimes relationships begin to look like a dead end, but it is difficult to take the first step to break them, despite love has already stayed in the past.

Things that a woman does when she no longer loves you

Things that a woman does when she no longer loves you found 8 situations that indicate that there is no longer love.

Things that a woman does when she no longer loves you

# 8 He does not care how you are.

Before your girlfriend asked you how everything went in your life in details and now she does not care at all what happens in your life.

Once or twice this can happen through fatigue or worries, but if this indifference became systematic, it’s time to think about it.

# 7 She’s not jealous of you anymore. Never.

Anyone from time to time feels jealous.

And more so if before your partner showed a lot of curiosity towards the people with whom you were in contact.

# 6 Answers your messages and calls only once in a while.

It does not apply to situations when your real partner is busy and can not answer you, but when you know well that he could have sent you a text.

If her messages became dry, it is an alarm signal.

#5. She is not interested how you spend your free time.

Did your partner refuse to spend time together?

If you started to notice it, ask yourself why your company does not seem to interest her anymore.

Because she used to love going out with you before.

# 4. Stopped making future plans with you.

This is the most alarming signal.

If your partner wants to spend her whole life with you, of course, she will talk about your future plans together.

But if you’re not in her plans, it’s a reason to talk to her seriously.

#3. She is worried about something, but he does not want to talk about this with you.

If you used to talk day and night about what you were worried about and now your partner avoids talking to you and you feel some tension, it is better to discover what is causing this type of behavior.

#2. She does not want you to help her.

Before she needed you in certain situations and she always accepted your help.

Now she prefers to do everything on her own and even rejects you when you offer her support.

Talk to her, maybe this attitude is provoked by some reaction you had in the past before her request or just does not feel like seeing you.

#1. Your jokes no longer make her laugh.

Before your girlfriend almost died laughing at your jokes and her eyes sparkled with sincere interest when you told her funny stories.

But what happened now?

As a separate “symptom” it is nothing serious: perhaps she is simply tired, but with the other signs is a reason to analyze your relationship well.