Things that a woman always hides from her boyfriend

Honesty is the basis of every relationship, but there are certain details that girls prefer to avoid. Do you want to know which ones?

May be subject to exceptions, but as general rule girls always hide the following details to their partner.

Things that a woman always hides from her boyfriend

Things that a woman always hides from her boyfriend

Whether it is unnecessary to take things further or for fear of being “judged” and that guys see them weird, they can not deny that despite their honesty, there will always be things that they will prefer to keep for themselves.

Perhaps for many, this is “deception” but I think it is normal that as individuals we have ideas reserved only for our thinking, that is, if it does not harm anyone, why not do it?

And well, without further details I invite you to continue watching and to check for yourself if what I say is something you identify with.

Ready? Watch …

Things that a woman always hides from her boyfriend

1) Romantic record.

The heart of a woman is a chest of wonders.

It may be that at the moment someone special occupies her place, but there will always be room for the people who once made her happy.

Whether it’s nostalgia or affection, the memory of old couples floats on her head.

Of course, since it means nothing and to avoid any kind of misunderstanding with the boyfriend, it is better not to mention ANYTHING absolutely.

2) Sexual fantasies.

As liberal as we are on the subject, women are more “reserved” about the DIRTY thoughts and perverts that go through their minds because one thing is not to say it and another NOT to think about it and believe me, they think about it.

The fact is that there will always be a fantasy that she can not verbalize for fear of being “judged”.

3) Other guys who want with her.

Like when she has some suitors and although she knows that nothing will happen, she prefers to hide it from her boyfriend.

I say, why wake up the beast?

It is obvious that at the very moment in which he finds out that there are others “stalking”, he will lose his head.

4) The unpleasant things they do alone.

From hair removal to the routine to go to the bathroom, are details that she simply does not want to talk to her man, especially when it comes to a recent relationship.

The truth is that men are very honest about their own unpleasant things (the smell of feet and flatulence, for example) but for some reason, women feel pity to admit that they also do and have unpleasant things in their little body.

5) Platonic loves.

And then women must also admit that sometimes there are guys who steal them one after another sigh and leave them the eye square, either in real life or in fiction, but no matter that the other person is just a fugacious “crush” and that does not mean that she is going to be unfaithful to her boyfriend, it is best for her to reserve too “enthusiastic” comments in front of her boyfriend.