Things She Does Not Dare To Ask You In Intimacy

Although you two have a long time together and you think you have a lot of confidence with each other, there are some fantasies in intimacy that are not easy to share with the partner.

Women often think that the man will think badly of her if they ask for something new in intimacy, for fear or shame they often prefer to keep quiet and not to share what they would like to do in couples encounters.

To improve your relationship here we tell you the things that most women want in intimacy and do not dare to tell you.

Things She Does Not Dare To Ask You In Intimacy

1. Fake that you don’t know each other.

In the game of attraction, you can treat her as a stranger who you want to conquer, so you can flatter her with things that you do not usually tell her because apparently she already knows it, but you can express how much you like to be at her side and how much you enjoy her beauty.

Do not limit your new ideas, such as dances, intimate clothing or even a costume.

2. Share ideas.

Many times the man is the one who takes control of intimate encounters, however, women usually have other ideas, give her the opportunity to express it without taboos.

3. Details.

In women, fantasies are an important part of their intimacy, they are more imaginative and have a great capacity to enjoy with the mere fact of thinking things that interest them, if you add details the intimate encounter did not have before, it could be better yet.

4. New Experiences

The subject of water is recurrent in the fantasies of men and women, either under the shower, in the jacuzzi or even more adventurous in a pool or the beach, being in the water makes your bodies feel in a special way.

It is one of the experiences that couples practice most.

5. In a public place.

It is a demand that few times a woman will tell you but does not take away the real.

It exists in her mind and by public, it does not mean that others see you, but to go through the experience of the forbidden.

The interesting thing about this fantasy is that the possibility of being discovered causes the adrenaline to overflow, making the encounter something extremely exciting just because of that feeling of danger.