Things seducers do that you can do today

Do you have the potential to be a seducer?

Being a seducer is not just about kissing unknown women. Seduction has a very powerful effect.

Whoever controls this art is capable of pleasing people and breaking down their barriers. A seducer holds the keys to social success.

In this entry, we list 5 basic characteristics that make a person seductive.

Tell us, Are you a seducer?

Things seducers do that you can do today

1. Be Persistent … with style.

Quiet, before you think you’re a seducer because you would not rest until she answers a message, I want you to know that if in your phone usually are conversations like:


How are you?
Why don’t you answer?
Hey, I’m going to a party. Do you want to go?

She: …

Probably your methods are not interesting enough to get her attention. The kind of persistence of which I speak is a creative persistence that can turn around the negatives that she could give you (without confronting her).

If you want her to always answer your messages, first you need to get her attention. For example:

“Sorry I’m dating someone – What an interesting thing, me too.”

“I’m not that kind of girl – Good thing you say it, I love tough women.”

“I know you? – Of course, yes, I’m the sexy 200 kilos guy you met at a bar last weekend. In fact, I noticed your intentions to invite me for a drink but it did not seem chivalrous to accept. Now you remember me? ”

2. Charisma.

You do not need to learn jokes by heart to keep a woman laughing.

A charismatic person is able to take what is in the environment and improvise with it.

For this, it is important that you do not take things too seriously or personally.

If you have the talent to laugh at your own misfortunes, then you can be sure that a woman would feel comfortable by your side.

3. Relax and smile.

Why do I say “capable”?

Because as simple as it may seem the act of smiling, there are people who find this unnatural.

Whether you are too serious or you are sorry to smile, this is a basic skill that you must count on.

Also, if you can not smile, how could you flirt with a woman?

4. Learn from man’s best friend.

I’m sure you know which man’s best friend is but have you managed to capture the most important lesson that dogs give us?

When you get home and your big dog receives you, don’t you feel like the most important person in the world?

If you are able to make other people feel that way, then you have a great ability that will make you a great seducer.

Anyone who is well with their mental faculties will always prefer to be with the people who make them feel important and appreciated.

If you can make a woman feel like that, you will not have a hard time tackling her on the street and wanting to leave her current plans to spend a few minutes getting to know you a little.

5. That you do not care what people think.

Are you able to interrupt a girl who is reading a book with the intention of connecting her?

Or you usually fill your head with ideas like:

“She is reading, I do not think she wants to be interrupted” or “If I interrupt her, she will probably get angry and I will not achieve anything”.

The truth is that you never know what will happen.

Maybe she will simply separate the page she is reading, close her book and leave it aside to talk to you.

Not bad, right?

The point here is that you are able to do what you want without being withdrawn by what others might think of you.

For example: Share this article on Facebook saying proudly “I am a seducer”. I assure you that it will attract attention and it is very likely that some woman will notice and comment on something interesting in your publication.

Having the courage and freedom to do what you want will develop in you an extroverted and adventurous personality that women will find very attractive.