Things Men Should Know About Women To Conquer Them

Although it seems infinitely difficult, the conquest of a woman is much simpler than men think. Yes, it is true that women are demanding, but that does not mean that conquest is an impossible mission.

Let’s be generous and give men some clues on how to carry out persuasion in the best possible way and taking into account some of the essential musts in any woman’s life.

Things Men Should Know About Women To Conquer Them

1- Confidence:

One of the things that most attract a woman is to have a self-confident and pushy man in front of her.

Who knows which are the most essential steps in his life and how he wants to carry them out, but beware, one thing is to have confidence in oneself and quite another to be arrogant.

Do not confuse the terms, because arrogantly you will just scare away any woman.

2- Details:

Do not imagine that this is about permanently entertaining your partner with expensive gifts, it is not that, on the contrary.

The little details are the ones that count the most. A note, a song, a memory, words of love … Surprise your wife with a memory of your first kiss … Something that she lets you know is important in her life.

3- Lie: Never.

Erase this word from your vocabulary and never use it with your partner.

Why lie? It will only bring you problems because, although you believe that your wife or girlfriend will never find out, in the end, everything falls under its own weight.

4- In bed: Patience, that is the fundamental clue.

A woman does not take sex as a man does just for physical reasons, so work and enjoy.

5- Time for herself: Be understanding and respect her space and independence.

Going out with her friends, going to do sports, it’s about spending time with herself from time to time and even if you do not understand it on occasions, women also need to have their space.

There is nothing strange about it.

6- Respect:

Never ignore this rule, because then your relationship will jump through the air.

Respect any person, of course, but here it is specified at the level of the couple and in all the senses.

A lack of respect should never be allowed.

7- “I love you”:

Why do you sometimes have a hard time saying “I love you”?

Get used to it! Your partner will love to hear the two magic words on which your relationship is based.

Come on, guys! It’s easier than you think!