Things Every Man Should Know About A Sarcastic Woman

Sometimes in our life, we ​​have crossed paths with some sarcastic woman, but only a few have dared to conquer these types of girls.

Before you start dating a woman who has a peculiar sense of humor, you better know 10 things about them:


Things Every Man Should Know About A Sarcastic Woman

1. Unfriendly comments are a way of showing affection.

There is nothing more intimate or affective than her telling you idiot and then kissing you, trust me.

2. They remember everything

That time you tripped out of the cinema, the shameful photo of that time you dressed up for Halloween … Women like to keep their jokes fresh, so don’t think there are things they don’t notice or that are outside their limits.

3. You can also laugh at them.

They can take a joke, even if it’s about their appearance. It’s fun when you join jokes.

4. They seem arrogant, but it’s just a mask.

They say exaggerated things about their appearance like “I am incredibly attractive” or “I look too good” but they usually do it in their worst moments.

They are not infallible and do not spend hours looking themselves in the mirror.

5. They are laughing at you but it’s because they like you.

She wouldn’t laugh at you if she didn’t think you can laugh at her too. Your misery can make her smile but only because she wants to be the one who helps you get up and who hugs you after the fall.

6. Under that rock exterior, there are soft parts.

They are like a cookie. They are only sarcastic because they have a center full of depth and feelings.

For every heavy joke, they have 5 beautiful things to say about you. She likes to joke, but that doesn’t even mean she’s a rock that doesn’t feel anything.

7. Learn to bear it.

They will push you, they will beat you and obviously they will tell you things that you will not like. The better you take it, the more they will love you.

8. They will make some sharp comments and immediately they wish they had not said it.

It’s almost as if the sarcasm was an involuntary reaction and they can’t stop being sarcastic.

9. Occasionally they will say something incredibly sincere,

but you will not notice it because you will believe that they are being sarcastic.

And then they’ll feel a little silly of having exposed themselves.

10. They are bad to take the first step.

They don’t know how to give you a sign that they care about you. They hope you can see through their sarcasm and understand that they die for your attention.