Things A Man Does On The First Date That Ruin Everything

When the males of the Australian jumping spider or peacock spider mate, they perform a special dance in front of the females; who, depending on the quality of the dance, determine if the specimen has the health necessary to carry out the copulation or if it is only a weak male, from which it may not obtain any benefit.

There will be plenty of people who want the human procession to follow the same process; that is, that only through a dance would a woman choose who she wants to spend the rest of her days with.

The certain thing is that to inspire love to someone is a similar practice for all the species of the planet. Whether the male or female who seeks their ideal partner, they have to perform a series of activities that determine if they are facing the right individual to meet their goals. \

Likewise, they must take special care in each of their movements, since any mistake could be fatal. In the case of spiders, any sign of weakness is paid with life.

Fortunately, the most a human being could suffer is the rejection of someone else on a first date. This situation arises from the behavior of a man who, in his eagerness to impress her, commits barbarities without even knowing it.

These scare away anyone, so knowing these failures could make the difference between a successful date and the lapidary: “I do not want to see you again in my life.”

Things A Man Does On The First Date That Ruin Everything

1. Shows a lack of security.

Inviting someone to go out implies a prior plan; If at the moment a man meets his companion and he asks a question like “What do you want to do?”, the meeting can be considered a resounding failure from the beginning.

Their little security to decide the activity you will do together disappoints the other party.

2. Talking about your past relationships.

It is normal that in a relationship both parties know details of their past; However, talking about your ex since the first meeting, transmits the impossibility of overcoming that or those people.

3. Speaking with too much sincerity.

Thanks to social networks, establishing relationships is relatively simple; However, when facing each other, not everything flows in the same way.

The closest example is the horrible comment: “you looked different in the photos”. Although it is not something offensive, these words lend themselves to multiple interpretations.

4. Focusing only on your problems.

Showing self-complacency in front of a person with whom you want to start a relationship is among the worst mistakes that someone can commit on their first date.

While it is true that a couple must be there to show support, doing it from the first time is not so simple and generates a feeling of insecurity.

5. Expressing too much self-love.

The company of someone sure of himself is always something that is appreciated; however, when that security becomes megalomania, everything can be ruined.

Finally, dates are about knowing each other equitably: if only one of the parties speaks, the possibility of feedback is reduced to zero.

6. Suggesting to go to “a quieter place”.

There is nothing wrong with having sex during the first date, as long as both agree with it.

On the other hand, when a man proposes it out of nowhere and in addition to such a disastrous way, the only thing that he will cause will be to disturb his companion.

7. Treating others badly.

Although he treats his date well, if he is a pedantic person with others, the possibility that he is someone who can be sentimentally trusted is almost null.

If you dare to treat a stranger badly, after gaining the confidence you could treat your partner in the same way.

On many occasions what will determine the success of a relationship will be the first impression she got on her first date.

Any of the above points could lead to an even bigger list of situations, which is better avoided so as not to ruin the moment.

To tell the truth, preventing these behaviors only depends on the way in which the man manages his impulses and his ability to be natural, even when he tries to impress someone.