Things a man can do to improve his appearance and be more attractive

It is considered that the appearances deceive, that they are irrelevant and that the important thing is in the interior, but it does not stop being true that our aspect is our letter of presentation and it does not hurt to take care of it.

Things a man can do to improve his appearance and be more attractive

Things a man can do to improve his appearance and be more attractive

Of course, that impression we cause becomes especially decisive when it comes to connecting or seeking the attention of the opposite sex.

Women have thousands of tricks of style and beauty that drive to determine their external appearance, but men are not left behind.

It does not matter if you are not Brad Pitt or if you have always been the ugly one in your group of friends or the little flirt between your brothers and cousins.

An article published in Business Insider gives you all the keys to improve your appearance and achieve a look that causes fainting in its path.

Things a man can do to improve his appearance and be more attractive

1. Get rid of unwanted hair.

From here we have the kindness to discover a secret in which probably you have never stopped to think: the hair of the ears is not attractive. Not the one in the nose. Not the frown.

Make yourself with good tweezers and, once a week, check your face and pull out those little hairs that, really, are only acceptable if you are a grandfather and you wear corduroy and beret pants.

2. Exercise before leaving home.

If a long night is waiting for you in which, in addition, you are going to meet some girl that interests you, the best thing you can do according to the Business Insider’s recommendations is to practice a little sport about two hours before.

You will feel more secure, your muscles will be toned and your skin will have a healthy glow that will make you -almost- irresistible.

3. Control your posture.

Stay upright, straight, safe, with fluid movements and well-distributed weight between the two legs.

There is nothing less attractive or that denotes a greater lack of interest than a hunched or ungainly guy.

In the words of your grandmother: “Stand straight, young man.”

4. Watch your mouth.

After all, you kiss her.

Wash your teeth regularly, rinse your mouth every night and try to get a cleaning at the dentist at least once a year.

A good smile, clean and careful, is an excellent cover letter.

Not to mention a good breath …!

5. Invest in skin care.

The first thing you should do is to know your skin type and know if you need to hydrate or protect it from acne.

On the other hand, exfoliating, illuminating or repairing creams are no longer just girls.

Get a good batch without shame and take care if you want to show a smooth skin.

6. Make your haircut, beard, and face compatible with each other.

The difference between one haircut and another can be enormous if we take into account the features of our face and if we know what favors us and what does not.

The longer or shorter hair, a toupee, a fringe, a shaving … Each one will result more favorable a different thing.

In the same way, it happens with the beard: between having it and not having it there can be a world.

Think what combination you like best and cut your hair regularly.

7. Bet on a classic wardrobe background.

As noted in the Business Insider, there are some clothes that can not miss in your closet: jeans, a pair of white shirts, a good suit and an American.

The complements, the colors or the way you wear it will give you a more personal style, but those basic pieces are a safe bet for any occasion.

8. Wear clothes that feel good.

As much as you have expensive clothes, brand or an unmistakable style, if it does not fit you good at all, will be of no help to put it on.

Know your body and your features, wear clothes of colors that feel good and never wear a garment that does not favor you, no matter how fashionable it is.

9. Know your weak points.

It is the best way to minimize them, hide them or disguise them.

As much as you believe it when you look yourself in the mirror, we remind you that you are not George Clooney.

Socrates already said: “Know yourself”. It will be the best way to win.

10. Eat and drink in a healthy way.

Actually, the first care of the body begins from within.

Everything we ingest affects the state of our skin, the strength of our muscles and the health of our hair.

The best we can do for ourselves is to have a balanced and healthy diet.