Things A Man Can Do For His Girlfriend To Make Her Fall In Love

Being in love is one of the best sensations that women can experience. When women fall in love, nothing or nobody matters more to them than their partner, women love to share their time with him and begin to think with the heart and not with reason.


Many men think that pleasing a woman in love is an impossible mission, but it is not. Pay attention guys, because here we will tell you the little gestures that women love their partner to do. If you do them you will surely have her at your feet.

Things A Man Can Do For His Girlfriend To Make Her Fall In Love

1. Tell her how beautiful she looks in the morning.

It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t look perfect, is bloated, has bad breath, or is a little disheveled. She will go crazy if the first thing she hears from you is: “How beautiful you look today.”

2. Take her opinion into account.

She wants to feel like her opinion matters to you, so when you need advice, turn to her.

3. Let her take you shopping.

You don’t have to wear something you don’t like, but if she tells you that you look super attractive in that shirt she wants to buy you, believe her.

4. Tell her how important she is to you.

Never assume that she already knows. Always remind her, she loves hearing it.

5. Give her a massage.

It is something very simple, and very intimate at the same time. Nothing will make her happier than offering her a relaxing massage after a tiring day.

6. Never stop showing her your feelings

Men are characterized by being strong when it comes to showing their feelings, she is your girlfriend and she wants to know how you feel at all times.

7. Tell her about your childhood.

She wants to know what your past was like, what you did when you were a child, what you had fun with. By doing so, she will feel that you are giving her access to a world that very few can enter, and that will make you have a special connection.

8. Caress her.

Not in a provocative way. Snuggle up to her and caress her hair, her arms, her face, and every part of her body.

9. Try new things with her in bed.

Fulfill her fantasies. Dare to experiment, that will develop more trust between you.

10. Show your love in public.

She loves that you hold her hand as you walk down the street, that you hug her when you are with your friends, or that you kiss her on that park bench. Don’t make her feel rejected, make her feel like you’re proud to be seen with her.

11. Tell her she’s your best friend.

There is nothing better than having your best friend and your girlfriend in the same person.

12. Fulfill her whims when it comes to your appearance.

It doesn’t mean that you change everything about yourself just because she wants you to do something that you don’t agree with. It is about fulfilling those little whims that do not generate any problem for you. Does she like how you look with a beard? Let it grow for a few days just to please her.

13. Take her to meet your family.

Invite her to dinner at your house, introduce her to your parents and siblings. She will feel that things are serious and that you want to have a future with her.

14. Seduce her.

Have playful gestures that make her feel like the most seductive woman in the world.

15. Leave hidden notes when she’s gone.

It does not matter if you will only leave home to go to work or if you will leave the city for a few days, leave hidden notes for her so that she knows that even from away, you are always present.

16. Kiss her forehead.

This type of kiss is one of the most tender. It means you want to protect her, trust me, no girl will resist that.

17. Remind her how attractive she is.

It is one thing for you to tell her that she is beautiful, and another that she is attractive. Women have days when they feel like a vile monster and there is nothing more comforting than being told that they are desirable.

18. Let her take care of you.

All women have a motherly side. She will always be worried about how you are or how you feel. Let that sweet side of her come out when she is with you and take care of you on those days when your stomach hurts from eating so much, or when you have a cold.

19. Don’t be afraid to do embarrassing things in front of her.

Women truly love men with a great sense of humor, so don’t be afraid to say or do something embarrassing in front of her. She will love that you make her laugh.

20. Kiss her hand.

There is no more gentlemanly gesture than a kiss on the hand. With that, you will show her how much you care and you will make her feel like the most loved woman.