The most faithful women of the zodiac

The most loyal women of the zodiac are loyalty in person, they also like lasting relationships.

Women tend to be more emotional than men, so rarely tend to infidelity, however, with the help of horoscopes we will help you discover which are the most faithful women of the zodiac.

The stars have endowed these women with absolute loyalty, so much so that you will not even be able to distrust them. In addition, they are noble and honest.

If the universe gives you the opportunity to match one of these women, watch over her, because they will never play with your feelings; In addition, for them, formal and lasting relationships are the best way to express their love.

We take the opportunity to share the things that feed the fidelity in the couple so that you apply them in your relationship.

These are the most faithful women of the zodiac:

The most faithful women of the zodiac

1. Cancer.

Women born under the sign of cancer top the list of the most faithful of the zodiac. They are super romantic and if your partner belongs to this sign, you will hardly be disappointed.

She knows how to inspire confidence and knows how to be a friend, as well as a wife or girlfriend.


The Taurus knows how to be faithful, in addition, another great advantage you have is that they are not very possessive.

They handle themselves with an immense nobility and definitely do not like to play with the feelings of others, for that reason they are excellent couples.

It has a strong character, which also inspires confidence and trust.


The native women of Libra are those who put their feelings above all, therefore they are a guarantee of total fidelity.

They love being in a lasting relationship and with a lot of commitment. So, if you are looking for a partner of this type, with a Libra there will be no failure.

4. Capricorn.

In the language of women represented by the symbol of the lamb, the word infidelity does not exist, because in spite of its strong and cold character they are completely delivered in love.

Its main quality is honesty, therefore they will hardly betray the trust of their partner.

Remember that fidelity is a sign of the respect you have for yourself and others, so if you detect signs that you are about to have an adventure, it is best to be honest with your partner and talk about the topic.