The behavior of a woman who does not love you anymore

How to know when a woman does not love you anymore, you do not need to be Einstein to know, believe me, you will notice immediately: her indifference will be total.

A woman in love is by nature devoted and dedicated to her partner, depending on her personality, she will fill you with details and attention, but when for some reason she has lost the spark of love, she will be another, very different from the one you met.

Get ready, because you will clearly feel her contempt.

The reasons why she does not love you anymore can be several, but mainly women stop loving when they are fed up with a particular situation with their partner and they are tired of trying to change things: infidelity, abuse, neglect, whatever, but simply, love is dead. They are disappointed.

She may also be interested in another person and is no longer willing to pretend with the couple in turn, but still, this reason has a cause behind: her man, at some point he forgot about her and for that reason, a second option monopolized her attention.

For whatever reason, she does not love you; Then, the moment will come and finally, she will go away. It’s a matter of time.

If you still want to corroborate the fact, IN COUPLE presents the main signs that a woman no longer loves you:

The behavior of a woman who does not love you anymore

1. Indifference.

Everything, everything you do will be indifferent to her, even if you are with someone else if you are late if you go or not, if you do or do not because definitely, she does not care, everything you can do to her, has even stopped hurting her.

It will be late if you try to recover her love.

2. She does not care how you are.

Just a few minutes after meeting you she asked all the details of your day, now she does not.

You may think she has had difficult days, but if this behavior has become recurrent, forget about it at once.

3. Zero jealousy.

Before she worried about losing your love, but now things have changed and frankly she does not give a damn if you greet the neighbor or go to breakfast with that workmate or if you are exchanging messages with another.

4. Leaves you in seen.

Did your message just get an answer right back?

Well, surprise! things have changed because even reading it she leaves you on “seen” and if she ever answers, it will be hours later.

5. She does not want to spend free time with you anymore.

Before she jumped when it came to making plans together, she wanted to go with you everywhere, do super, walk the dog, go camping, walk, in short, lots of things; Now the reality is that she prefers to stay at home or go out with other people.

6. Zero future plans.

Going to your cousin’s graduation, planning the next holidays, organizing your anniversary celebration are things she will not do anymore, because she is not interested in sharing them with you, a clear sign that she has stopped loving you.

7. She does not tell you about her problems.

She is worried about that work meeting; Before, she would tell you in great detail how that situation makes her feel, but today she is not interested in you knowing how she feels, so she will keep it for her.

8. She stopped asking for help.

Before, you were her prince charm, the one who, riding a white steed, could help her out of any predicament, but now, almost always for reasons beyond her control, she knows that she no longer counts on you; she has it clear, then she has stopped taking you into account.

The fact is that when a woman, whether your girlfriend or wife no longer loves you, you will notice it immediately, you will become a zero to the left in her life.

There may be a possibility that you will recover her love, but when she shows these attitudes, she has usually reached the point of no return.

In addition, there is a risk that you get wrapped in a toxic circle in which neither of you is comfortable; the best thing will be to cut for the sake of health.