The Advantages Of Having An Unattractive Girlfriend

Let’s be honest. Having an unattractive girlfriend does not fit anyone’s plans.

When we want love to come to our lives, we want it to be in the form of a person we like in every way, including the physical. But you can not control your heart, and there are times when an unattractive girl conquers us and we can not help wanting to be with her.

At first, you may resist seeing her as a girlfriend, but if love has come into your life you will not be able to do anything, and no matter how much you fight against that idea, you will end up giving up.

If you find yourself undecided, the good news is that having an unattractive girlfriend also has its advantages.

Do you want to know which?

The Advantages Of Having An Unattractive Girlfriend

1. You will not have to fear that she will be unfaithful.

Infidelity is one of the greatest fears of any person, and, especially in the case of somewhat insecure men, it can be a devastating problem.

When your girl does not attract other men that suffering disappears, and jealousy does not become a poison for the relationship.

2. Will treat you like nobody else has.

She will be aware that she is very fortunate to be with you, and therefore, she will take great care of her treasure: You.

If you like that she pays attention, takes care of you and be aware of you, you have more probability that an ugly girl has that kind of behavior than if you opt for a beautiful girl, who is usually more concerned with herself.

3. You can live love without suffering.

If you have fallen in love with her, it is evident that she has many things that you like and that you can enjoy. Maybe she shares your hobbies, she’s funny, friendly or she has a conversation that you never get tired of.

All these virtues would always be marred by the continuous fear of losing her that involves having as a couple a beautiful and sexy girl.

With her, you can enjoy all that without spending hours suffering from what your life would be like if she abandoned you.

4. She will be more docile, submissive and complacent.

It is not just an ugly girlfriend is more focused on pleasing you in everything that you like, but also you can expect from her a more submissive and less prone to arguments and fights.

Although you do not talk about it every day, your girlfriend will know she is the luckiest in the distribution of cards, and therefore will not want to endanger her luck with absurd and senseless fights.

5. She will not be looking for someone better than you.

We all have complexes and we feel inferior in some aspect.

An overly beautiful girlfriend causes those fears to increase since we believe that when she discovers our weaknesses, it will be easier for her to find someone better.

An unattractive girl will not even pose such a maneuver since her chances of falling in love with others are much smaller.

That is why she will minimize your mistakes and she will hardly think that there is someone better than you.

6. You will be the sexiest of the couple.

Do not underestimate the satisfaction that this can produce.

It is quite possible that some of your girlfriend’s friends are also ugly, so, in the eyes of all of them, you will be a real sex symbol.

With a beautiful bride you have to make a lot of sacrifices to be up to the task, and no matter how hard you try, you will always be the least graceful.

Having an ugly girlfriend can make your self-esteem rise to see how your circle of friends treats you as if you were Brad Pitt.

7. Everyone will think that you have noble feelings.

Few men look beyond a pretty face or an attractive physique.

For that reason, having an ugly girlfriend makes you 99% different from the male population, since everyone interprets that you are someone who takes internal values into consideration.

This can endear you and open unexpected doors since others will see unusual qualities in you than in most people.

You see, maybe you do not have to think twice about the subject and it’s better to let yourself go than to think about what they will say.

If you feel something for that girl and she feels it for you, that’s magic, and you do not need the approval of the others.

Maybe an ugly girlfriend makes you happier than a pretty one!