Text Messages That A Man Should Never Send To A Woman

“Women are from Venus. Men are from Mars. ” With this curious phrase -the title of his sociological best seller- couples counselor John Gray tried to establish the fundamental differences between both sexes, those that go far beyond the body, of course.

One of the areas where these discrepancies are most evident is communication, where a message perfectly acceptable to a man can be a gross mistake after being interpreted by a woman. This is demonstrated by Carrie McDermott to show with humor how confusing men can be when they send text messages to their women.

To testify it, “Men’s Health” magazine selected 5 of the most common messages that irritate a woman to the point of boiling.

Know them and … do not use them!

Text Messages That A Man Should Never Send To A Woman

1. “Hey …”

For a man, sending a brief greeting like this may seem suggestive, flirtatious or even romantic-after all, it shows that I was remembering her-but for women it only means one thing: laziness.

“You should never send a message of ‘nothing’ because it means that the person who receives it is the one who should do the work of communicating,” says Michael Fiore, founder of textyourexback.com.

Do not get confused. Giving a little virtual touch to your girl is fine, but should always be accompanied by a slightly more elaborate premise, such as “Hi! I’m crazy for being so sticky, but I just wanted to say hi, “or” I was remembering our last ski trip. Wow! you were all a snow bunny.

2. Little Happy face.

What? How an innocent emoticon with a happy face could be a dismal message?

It depends on the context: if your girl makes a deep statement or takes the risk and confesses that “I had a really good time with you last night”, answering her with only an anemic happy face is the worst of the passion killers. The same for “OK” type responses or Facebook’s “Like” hand.

“We also do not want you to write us a novel, just give us a complete sentence. Say “Yes, I had a lot of fun too. Thanks for going out with me “or if she sends you a joke, answer her with a: “That killed me” Very good ‘”, says McDermott.

3. “What do you want to do tonight?”

Let’s distinguish: if your relationship is 5 years old, asking what you want to do is something totally normal. But if you’re just beginning to woo a lady, you should show some more initiative. And this translates into -at least- running with a couple of proposals.

“Women want a man who invites them on an adventure, not one who stands still while she makes a decision. Even a simple one: “Would you like to go to a Chinese restaurant?”

Will be enough, says Fiore.

4. “Actually last night I was quite drunk …”

This is a true jewel. There is no worse way to justify your repentance than to blame the drink.

“No girl wants to hear the words ‘I do not remember much of what we did last night’, because it usually means that you are sorry for everything you did. And no woman is going to bother telling you ‘Oh well, you told me you loved me,’ “McDermott says.

If you really believe that what you did was a mistake, do not say it by text message. Put on your pants-literally and metaphorically-and meet her face-to-face.

5. “I’m going out with my friends. See you tomorrow”.

Again let’s make a distinction: telling what you’re going to do is good. The problem is the tone in which you put it.

“This type of message screams ‘My friends are more important than you so you will not know about me tonight’.

You can say the same in a nicer way: ‘Hey, I’m going out tonight with the boys but I’ll be thinking about you all night. I can not wait to see you tomorrow. ‘

That way she will know that you will take her into account and that there is still a commitment, “Fiore explains.