Techniques of How to Conquer a Woman Through Messages

The mistake that most men usually make is to believe that they have already achieved their goal when they get a woman’s phone, but the truth is that from that moment the real challenge begins since she is waiting for you to surprise her and give her more reasons to be interested in you.

Unfortunately, many men do not take advantage of this opportunity, either because they do not have the right answers for them or because they have a wrong idea.
Therefore, if you do not want to be one of them, I advise you to continue reading seeing this entry on how to conquer a woman through text messages.

But first, you must know that it is not the same to conquer a woman on the phone, this because the environment changes, first because she can not see you, so you have to trust and improve your text messages. Another point is because she could have forgotten that she gave you her number.

Now let’s move on to what you must do to create a fluent and successful conversation:

Techniques of How to Conquer a Woman Through Messages

1. Simple And Casual.

When you’re going to start conquering a woman you like, you should start with messages that seem spontaneous.

You can start with a “hello, I just wanted to say hello”, then if she responds you can continue the conversation and if she does do not, you can write at another time.

2. Simple Questions.

Once you have established more confidence, using questions is the best way to keep the conversation going, ‘you can start with some simple questions that allow you to know her better and give her a reason to keep talking.

Example: “Yesterday I saw a movie and it made me think of you”, there you are giving her something to answer, she can write you “Sure, what is it?”.

3. Emojis.

Although text messages give you the opportunity to get to know a girl better, they have certain limitations, on the one hand, it is very difficult to show your funny side in the message as you do in person.

The good thing is that there are emoticons to highlight the right emotions, use it when you can and be creative.

4. Flirt once in a while.

To be an expert in how to conquer a woman by messages, the way to keep conversations by text interesting is using flirting, but do not use it all the time because she could end up bored, use it from time to time, you can take advantage of those moments in those that she is talking about herself or how good she is at doing something.

5. Keep in touch.

While text messages are a step to get to the next phase (have a meeting) you still have to make the effort to create good moments with her.

One way to achieve this is to make your conversation as personal as possible.

You have to learn to take advantage of the different platforms that technology offers today, one of them is text messages and if you use emotions and connected properly, over time you can have something else.