Strange Reasons Why Women Fall In Love

In addition to what is rationally interpreted at first glance, there are a number of situations that for women have a lot of weight, although they do not know it.

Many argue that love has no explanation. Others claim otherwise.

In female talks, issues related to love or to the couple are usually present almost permanently.

In these conversations, each one tells why they are in love with their partner and others explain why they stopped loving their exes.

Sometimes something strange happens that some women experience. They fall in love with someone without knowing what the real attraction was. This has an explanation.

The unconscious leads them to look at and then to commit themselves to people who possess a quality that they cannot reason with but that is so strong that it manages to make them fall in love.

In women, there are five strange reasons that make them fall in love.

Strange Reasons Why Women Fall In Love

 1. Because he is her male version.

Opposites are supposed to attract, but quite a few studies show that the more alike, the more attractive there is. From having the same sense of humor to having a similar style. All those things they have in common could help them not fight as much.

2. Because she met him in an extreme situation.

When the adrenaline starts to grow, so does the attraction. Nothing makes her fall in love faster than doing an extreme sport together on a date, the rush of a concert, or a mechanical game like the ‘Roller Coaster’.

3. Because you have a dog.

Don’t underestimate the power of these canine friends. Multiple studies have shown that men who have pets are perceived as more attractive and more eligible than those without. They are also perceived as more tender people.

4. Because she has been feeling very lonely lately.

In an investigation carried out by the University of Toronto, it was found that when we are low on the level of love in our lives, we feel alone. When someone arrives to solve this, we just want to run into their arms.

5. Because he looks like her dad.

It is strange but it happens, several investigations show that she is more likely to fall in love with someone who has similar characteristics to her father. This does not mean that she likes her dad (obviously), it has to do with the feelings of comfort and security she feels at his side.