Steps to turn your friend into your girlfriend

How to connect to a friend? Are you one of those men who * secretly * want to become your friend’s boyfriend? Do you say inside yourself?

If she knew that I’m dying for her, etc or You already declared yourself but she told you “I only love you as a friend”, or “I do not want us to ruin our friendship”, things like that ?.

Or are you telling yourself … today I’ll cheer up and I’ll tell her.

Well, if you have these feelings, let me tell you that you are not alone … I was there too.

In fact, there are many guys who want to go from being friends with a woman to something more physical, all over the world, in all cultures of the world.

The good news is that there is a step-by-step system that you can follow and that will turn that friend of yours into your girlfriend.

Now I have to warn you something, some of these techniques are very risky. So if you’re not a brave person, then I recommend you stop reading. So you will never learn how to connect with a friend.

But if you’re tired of seeing how other guys (bad and daring guys) seduce and take the girls you secretly like, then I recommend putting this five-step system into practice:

Steps to turn your friend into your girlfriend

Step 1 – Do not become her friend from the first day you meet her.

The first step is not to be friends with a woman. Instead of acting as a partner of a woman from the first moment you know her, you must act like a boy who would like to have a meeting with her, act in a more “aggressive” and sexual way, that is, do not treat her like you would treat your best friend.

If you treat her with kindness and respect all the time, then she will probably catalog you in the friend’s category.

 Step 2 – Get away from her.

Now, if you are already in a situation where you are in your category of *just friends* then you are going to have to do something dramatic.

If you heard well, you have to stop going out with her!, do not look for her, go away. This means that you stop calling, sending emails, and hanging out with her. Do everything you can do to unsubscribe from the friend’s category.

While it is important that she does not see you as an imbecile, you have to become a very “very busy” person, that is, a man who does not have much time to waste his time. You can answer her calls and messages, but be sure to do so after a couple of days.

In the background, you have to stop being the guy that is always there available to her.

Step 3 – Meet other women.

Once you’ve stopped talking to her, you have to go out with other women, frequent other girls.

For this system to work, you must make a decision about your friendship with her. That is, or you decide if you are still her friend or keep working so that she becomes your girlfriend.

When dating other women, you will begin to develop a more confident attitude towards women. In essence, you will begin to compare her with other women, and there you will truly discover how to connect with a friend and maybe you will start to get interested in other girls.

Step 4 – Get in touch with her after a period of not seeing her and not talking to her.

Once you have dated different women for a couple of months, you should make a decision about your friend.

You can choose to remain friends or try to develop a relationship with her. If you want to make your friendship with her more physical, then you must communicate with her.

Now, when you talk to her again, be sure to talk to her as a guy with whom she can have a date, and not as a friend. In other words, do not act like her friend.

 Step 5 – Treat her as a woman you want to go out with and no longer as a friend.

Now that you are talking to her again, she begins to behave in a way that she begins to feel attracted to you.

Ask her when you can go out together, flirt with her and treat her like a woman, talk to her in a double sense and in a sexual way.

Turning a friend into your girlfriend is a difficult thing to achieve. So it’s your turn to make a radical change and become the kind of person she would want to go out with and have a date with.

While these five steps are quite extreme, it may be the best solution to transforming your friendship with her into a relationship.