Steps to seduce your best friend to fall in love with you

Moving from a friendship to a relationship is simple if you do this:

When a man and a woman share tastes, hobbies, moments and time it is impossible for neither of them to fall in love.

Many cannot resist the company and the love that that person gives them and they want that friendship to become something more.

In fact, when a man falls in love with his best friend he has a great advantage.

To know her too much will be of great help at the moment of wanting to win her heart.

So if your best friend likes you and you want to conquer her, achieving it is easier than you think, so get down to work and start doing the following:

Steps to seduce your best friend to fall in love with you

1. Change your look or dress in a special way.

Surely you have a lot of confidence in your friend, so much so that you feel so comfortable by her side that you do not mind being disheveled, since you are sure that she accepts you as such, however when you want her attention you have to act in a different way.

If you want to seduce her, start by changing your appearance, make her feel different.

Remember that a woman is conquered by hearing and smell, you have the advantage that you know what she likes, so use the fragrance of your liking, wear the clothes you are sure she will love and change haircut. She will surely notice it.

2. Keep certain distance and even become a little inaccessible.

Sometimes women fall in love with guys who neither look at them nor approach them, and that is when a man asks himself !why if they are always there and they do not even notice them?

It is because they are sure that they will not go away, so they do not pay much attention to them.

On the other hand, if she notices that your interest is elsewhere and that you will not be the “unconditional”, she will do everything possible so you do not leave her side.

Try to get away a little, but not enough for her to get disappointed in you. Make her miss you, want to see you and be by your side.

Taking a certain distance will give a bit of mystery to the relationship and will keep her from you leaving her mind, as she will wonder the reason for your estrangement.

No one knows what she has until she loses it, so be assured that by feeling distant, she will do everything she can to make you come back.

3. Give her a little jealousy.

You already realized that even though you are always there, you are her confidante, support, a tear cloth, yet you feel that you have not won her heart.

If, on the other hand, she notices that you have an interest in another person and that your company can end, she will start looking for a way that does not happen.

Start by talking with her about other girls, but without going too far, do not show yourself like the Don Juan that you’re probably not, much less invent stories that she will notice are false, just show her that your life does not revolve around her and that you can change your attention to someone else.

4. Impress her.

This is when you should take advantage of all the things you know about her, nobody in the world knows her better than you, so you know what she likes and does not like.

Invite her to the place you know she loves, prepare the food that melts her palate, give her a special gift or buy what she has always wanted, talk to her about the topics she is passionate about, and surprise her with something she has always wanted.

This will be your best weapon of seduction.

Falling in love with someone you know is easier than it seems, all you have to do is act with intelligence and use trust, closeness, and unity in your favor. Luck!.