Steps to overcome shyness with women

The feeling of apprehension when approaching strangers is common, but it can become a great disadvantage for shy men when they want to approach the woman they like.
Here are 5 tips that can really help overcome shyness once and for all and end the nervousness when approaching women.

Steps to overcome shyness with women

1. Learn to say no.

Learning to say “no” is a great step to overcome shyness. Say no, and stop being the fool, the shy boy who never imposes his will.

Do you pay 10% of the restaurant service, even when you have not been well looked after because you are ashamed to talk?

If a friend in a raffle wants you to buy them a ticket to earn a pen, do you buy it or not?

You have to learn to say no!

2. Do not run from the eyes!

When someone looks at you, you lower your eyes or turn your head? This is a typical attitude of the timid. Not holding your gaze to your interlocutor’s eyes.

Communication is not just verbal. The contacts and visual expressions are very important to communicate.

Of course, you should not look at someone like a madman but show your character.

Is that the message you want to convey? Insecurity?

3. Trust yourself.

It is obvious that trusting yourself is a great step to overcome shyness.

The problem is when you think even if a person is unattractive. In this case, go to the fight!

Do not expect a girl to recognize qualities in you that you do not even know.

Reflect on your qualities and values. These qualities exist and you have to recognize them.

Stop thinking you’re not as good as this and that.

If you are sure and you remain firm in your opinions, you will obtain the respect and admiration of all.

4. Discover new environments and experiences.

How is your day? From work at home and from home to work?

Only university and internet? Do you always frequent the same places?

Discovering new environments and experiences can help to overcome shyness!

There are several options for all tastes. Just find what you like and suits your budget.

Here are some examples:

– Go dancing classes

– Know another city, state or country

– Attend new bars

– Learn to speak a new language

– Do an interesting sport

– Know new clubs

5. Develop your charisma.

Are you tired of being the shy guy who has no luck with women?

Do you have a creative personality, but you can not show it to them? You need to develop your charisma.

You can even be a good person, but it does not work if only your family recognizes it.

Being charismatic is an essential quality to make new friends, meet interesting women and keep in touch with people.