Steps to Conquer a Difficult woman

If you’re wondering how to conquer a difficult girl, let me tell you something: it’s simpler than you think when you have the right tools!

For that reason, I will share with you 5 key strategies and tactics that you have to apply to have the woman of your dreams in your bed before she even realizes it.

Did you just see an irresistibly attractive girl and you do not know how to get close to her?

Perfect, I will teach you how to conquer a difficult girl, and for that, you have to understand how the game of attraction works and move with skill.

You just have to follow these steps and everything will be very simple for you.

Steps to Conquer a Difficult woman

1. Get close and be nice.

If you want to seduce a girl, first you have to know her better and detect her tastes and preferences.

Approach her with subtlety, do not be too explicit with your intentions or she could reject you.

Talk to her, ask her about things, be friendly and understanding … but do not overdo it so as not to fall into the hateful category of “friend”.

Look for some common interest to reinforce the bond, and as your talks do their magic, she will begin to enjoy the time she spends with you and will want to continue seeing you.

2. Write to her at night.

A good way to get intimate with a girl is by sending her messages at night, or even by calling her when she is already in her bed.

First, send her a message late in the afternoon, and after a few days, she will have no problem talking to you until late at night.

Remember: do not rush, your first messages should be “innocent” and later you can seduce her without being too obvious.

The idea is to hook her into the game of flirting with you, and keep her increasingly interested and intrigued by you.

3. Confuse her.

Change of personality: when you talk to her at night, show yourself carefree and daring.

But when you see her during the day, do not mention those bold messages or conversations, unless she says something first (and that will show you that those things excite her!)

4. Do not tell her that you like her.

Surely she will have noticed, so do not make the mistake of telling her.

Try to always keep a little distance, that she does not have the certainty of what you feel.

Let her curiosity and her excitement make her addicted to you.

If you reveal everything openly, the mystery will be lost and that is precisely what will keep her hooked to you.

5. Generate sexual tension.

Sit closer and closer, accidentally touch her, make her want to caress you.

Say something in her ear, play with her fingers when nobody looks at you.

If you manage to generate that sexual attraction, you’ll already be on the verge of knowing how to conquer a difficult girl and a few steps away from taking her to your bed.