Solutions To Flirt With Beautiful Women

The world in which we live has a very special appreciation for the beauty of things and a certain obsession with feminine beauty. Sometimes, we even think that a beautiful woman will have an easier life, because many people will seek to please her.

Definitely this also applies to relationships because Who does not want to have a beautiful girlfriend?

I think that although there are other important characteristics in a person, once these are met, no one would reject beauty. On many occasions, we usually give a higher priority to physical appearance than to personality.

It is because of this and the great coverage and impulse that the media gives to the appreciation or quotation of beauty, that many men have developed desire and at the same time fear for beauty, because we do not want to waste an apparent opportunity to connect with a beautiful woman.

The self-sabotage of our thoughts

We all have attractive characteristics, it’s just that sometimes we ignore them or we waste them.

While it is true that there are external limitations to ourselves that make it difficult for us to relate to beauty, it is also true that most of the time our biggest limitation is ourselves.

For the moment I want the following to resonate in your head:

“A part of you loves beauty and wants it. But another part, the deeper one, is afraid of it.”

To understand better:

You do not like beauty, you fear it

This is something very similar to what happens to people regardless to money:

People say they like money and hate being poor, but deep down, many people believe that money is a crap. So they subconsciously sabotage themselves to flee from it.

Example: If during your childhood your mother said things like Money is a “crap” because it generated family problems because of inheritance, because she could not deal with debts, etc … Then unconsciously your brain invents ways to evade money because deep down you think money is a crap, and that’s why many people are poor.
But how does it apply to beauty?

Our brain does a great job of protecting us. You may say that you love beautiful girls but your mind has negative ideas about it and that is why it creates the conditions so that you can not be with a beautiful woman because it believes that you are putting yourself at risk.

So to be able to flirt with beautiful women you must first help yourself to change these thoughts that could be sabotaging you:

How to flirt with prettier women?

Just try to identify if you are committing any of the following points and try to change those ideas.

Warning: It is very important that you be as honest with yourself as possible. If you currently believe you could be with a prettier woman, you most likely have some of the following thoughts:

Solutions To Flirt With Beautiful Women

1. You see her as a Fan looks at his idol.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that a beautiful woman is successful, intelligent, funny, etc. The appearance does not ensure anything.

Moreover, it is possible that a very beautiful woman does not necessarily have a great personality because her beauty does all the work.

By seeing her with such admiration, you are placing yourself beneath her, showing yourself and her that you have no chance of conquering her.

2. Do not think you can compete.

Deep down we know that a beautiful woman has too many suitors and that she will only choose the best.

So you understand that you will have to compete with interesting, charismatic, handsome men, etc. And maybe, you do not feel capable of competing. So your brain chooses to stop really wanting a beautiful woman for you.

3. You fear an infidelity.

Because of her great beauty, you think that she is unreliable or that she will receive so many suitors, that someone better than you will appear in a matter of time and she will cheat you.

4. You don’t really want a relationship.

It happens to many men that when we meet a very beautiful girl, we tend to think about future plans with her, that is, in a serious relationship.

If you do not want a relationship at this time, your brain may prevent you from relating to beautiful women.

The solution is to stop avoiding a serious relationship or stop thinking that a beautiful woman only deserves a formal relationship.

There are very beautiful women who do not want a formal relationship.

5. You think she socializes only with attractive men.

Believing that you are not handsome enough to talk to the woman you like will make you invent pretexts for not doing it.

In addition, female attraction works in a different way.

It is true that she is also interested in beauty, but personality plays a very important role.

6. You think you can not make the relationship last.

If she agrees to be your partner, you probably think you have to do extraordinary things to keep her by your side.

This unconsciously stresses you, so you decide better an option in which you have to work less hard.

To combat this, understand that:

It is not necessary to plan every day at her side to make it extraordinary: Better, learn how relationships and attraction work.

Do not be afraid of the effort. Continuous improvement is good for you and your development as a person.

If you think she will get bored with you, you must understand that the success of a relationship depends on both parties.

To understand better:

7. You worry about what others think.

If you perceive that the girl you like is more attractive than you, maybe you worry that her family or friends do not approve of you and maybe they think she should be with someone more attractive.

To avoid this, try to think that the appearance is not everything and that in fact you have a great personality so attractive that you have managed to compensate this difference.

In addition, you should feel proud of this, the personality is worked and who has beauty naturally has not done anything to get it.

8. A negative experience.

Whether it’s an experience of your own or someone else’s, you may think that you will go wrong with any woman just for being beautiful.

Maybe a pretty woman cheated on you and now you think it’s better to be with a less beautiful woman because she will surely be faithful.

Just think that this does not make any sense.

It is true that a beautiful woman will have more suitors, but it is the values ??of each person and not the physical attractiveness that will dictate their behavior.

9. Your way of being is not adequate.

You think you do not have enough to attract and keep a beautiful woman.

Maybe you think you have problems making a woman have a good time, laugh, feel attracted, etc …

Think that life itself is a journey of experimentation and constant improvement that you can not deprive yourself of.

If at this time you are still not the kind of person you want to be, do not fear. Any experience will help you and remember, never stop improving.

10. You think she is a bad person.

It is possible that you fear of falling in love with her because of her beauty. Added to this, you probably think that she is not interested in your feelings and is able to leave you at any time no matter if it breaks your heart.

Think that each experience serves as learning and growth. Also you can not judge a book by its cover. While you are afraid of someone breaking your heart, you are probably missing an excellent relationship with a very beautiful woman.

She could be the most loving woman in the world and yes, she could fall in love with you.

11. You think she is judging you all the time and she has little patience.

Everything you say or do you calculate for fear of doing something that could displease her.

You think that when you interact with a beautiful woman you are walking on a tightrope.

The problem with this is that you play not to lose instead of playing to win. You probably have an extraordinary personality but that she will never know if you measure all your actions.

The more natural and unwrapped you are with your own personality, the more opportunities you will have to conquer a beautiful woman.

Bonus: She is high maintenance

Note: This is a contribution from Jimmy, a dear reader and I was so good that I decided to update the post.

Many men believe that beautiful women only go out with wealthy men. If your economic situation is not what you want, you probably have a deep fear of being with a beautiful woman because you think you can not satisfy her and keep her.

What to do: Definitely this type of woman does exist but that does not mean that you should stop trying. Think it’s worth giving yourself the opportunity to meet a beautiful woman and give her the opportunity to meet you.

Many beautiful women are not interested in the money, but if you finally find out that she is, then you are allowed to lose interest in her.

Just try it

Fortunately for us men, women often attach great importance to personality. If you eliminate these limitations, it is very likely that you feel freer and your brain stops sabotaging you. This way you will have more opportunities to conquer the woman you really like.