Simple tips to look taller and thinner

If you have a few extra kilos and a few centimeters shorter, do not worry, there are some tricks in the clothes to make you look thinner and taller, and are proven.




Simple tips to look taller and thinner

1. Goodbye to the skinny.

If you think that this type of clothing serves to compress your extra kilos, so they’re not noticed, you are very wrong because, on the contrary, they accentuate all those round parts in your body, so forget it.

It is best to use a slim fit, which draws the silhouette but without tightening it too much and without adding volume.

2. Hats and caps.

Especially if these garments are too big, you should not use them, they will make you look smaller.

Ideally, you should forget about hats and caps, and try to use a cut that gives your hair a volume up, not sideways.

3. Only vertical stripes.

If you are determined to wear garments with prints and different colors, the option is that you wear only vertical stripes, which will stylize and lengthen your figure, unlike the horizontal ones that give the impression of compressing your body.

4. The shoes.

This is an important piece, contrary to what many think, so avoid the contrasts very marked in the colors of shoes and pants, as this creates a horizontal line that will shorten your figure.

Wear shoes in the same tone and if you bring a more relaxed look there is footwear of this type, so it is not mandatory to wear a pair of tennis shoes.

5. Pants to suit you.

You should not wear too loose pants that cover your feet, nor fishing type that are just below your knee if you are short.

Trousers with tweezers in front, bags on the sides, add volume to your figure, as do belts and buckles that are too big, or that contrast a lot with the rest of your outfit.

You can deal with straight-cut pants, and we already said: a slim fit is ideal. Wear the ones that fall at the height of your footwear.

6. Coats and sweaters that are too bulky.

If you notice, using a giant scarf like Lenny Kravitz’s makes your figure look compressed, so you’ll look shorter and fatter than you are.

The same happens with very loose and bulky coats or sweaters, such as those made of corduroy, velvet or very thick wool.

Wear clothes made with fabrics such as cotton and linen and, of course, to your measurement.

7. T-shirts and shirts.

You should avoid the horizontal patterns and too extended, in addition to the V necks and turtle necks, because this will make you look fatter and shorter.

The safest play is the garments of a single color, and if you can all the attire of the same color and with a straight cut, much better (preferably a dark one).

The short sleeves subtract height, so try to use them fully or 3/4, and you know it: to your measure, not so loose or so tight.

8. Hair.

It is also part of your look, so the more volume you have and the longer and messier it will make you look fatter and shorter.

Choose cuts that stylize you, that is, short hair, which will make you look taller and thinner.