Simple Masculine Qualities That Make All Women Fall In Love

What makes an irresistible man? Expert in couples reveals the secret.

Understanding a woman is a complicated task, so when we men are at the conquest we ask: What makes a man irresistible to a woman?

Because we want to look nice before them, we want to capture all their attention, just as they have ours.

We start to dress better, to get a nice haircut, to be patient and gentlemanly, but is it enough?

According to the expert in couples, Paloma Corredor, there are eight qualities that make men irresistible, it has nothing to do with beauty or some physical aspect.

If a woman is willing to truly fall in love she will not be able to resist these characteristics:

Simple Masculine Qualities That Make All Women Fall In Love

1. The sense of responsibility.

A responsible man is worth a thousand.

Those who know how to face problems coldly always attract more girls, especially if they do not become aggressive or rude or blame them for their problems.

Girls do not want a man to solve their lives, but they prefer someone who gives them confidence and who they can count on in any situation.

2. A simple intelligence.

Women are attracted to a cultured and intelligent man, but without falling into the extreme of being self-centered and mocking cruelty.

They prefer those who know how to converse and are willing to continue learning from them.

3. A beautiful and tender smile.

A tender smile on a man will always be better than all those muscles.

Girls are melted down better by a smile and a look than by the perfect physique.

4. Has a good sense of humor.

A boy who takes life with lightness, who is capable of laughing at himself and who knows how to make women laugh is the best.

It is not that women want a clown, but someone who is not negative all the time and who is able to smile at the storm without losing his essence.

5. Ability to express your emotions.

While women love masculinity, it is also sometimes important for boys to demonstrate a feminine side, and with that we mean understanding, tenderness and the ability to express their emotions.

A balance between both sides is perfect.

6. Knows how to listen.

Empathy is paramount.

A man who knows how to listen and is able to “get on her shoes” is a plus that always adds points.

Such a man can create a strong emotional bond and make girls feel appreciated and supported.

7. Who is protective.

It is something inevitably irresistible.

A man who knows how to make women feel safe and appreciated without making too much effort is a worthwhile man.

Girls like to be treated well and taken into account.

For the same reason, they will always prefer those boys who fulfill what they promise, who transmit confidence and who are consistent with their actions.

Also, you to care for them is simply adorable.

8. Knows how to enjoy life.

Women like boys who know how to balance their times and enjoy different areas of life.

They do not like those who only focus on work and nothing else, because they also want someone with whom to have fun, snuggle and enjoy romanticism and, for that, they need someone who knows how to “make a space in his agenda”.