Signs your in the wrong relationship – Dating the wrong woman

Here are the other 6 Signs your in the wrong relationship which continues from the above video.

Signs your in the wrong relationship

Signs your in the wrong relationship

Signs your in the wrong relationship

7. Goes from zero to one hundred

If in a date she drools for you, and the next does not even take your hand, probably means she’s not sure about you. If she’s not sure about you, neither should you be
sure about her. Keep your options open, because surely she is doing the same.

8. Accuses you of things you don’t do

People reveal things about themselves if you pay attention. If her accusations have neither head nor tail, she may be projecting the guilt of her conscience over you,
which means she accuses you of what she did in the past or does now. And if it is not the case, and it is only a problem of trust? Trust issues are never simple. Ask
yourself if you’re willing to pay for the mistakes of the last girl.

9. You wonder if she’s using you

If you’re wondering, probably she’s using you. You should never feel that the person with whom you are have suspicious reasons to be with you.

10. If she does not express her love or affection for you, it can mean two things:

Either is difficult for her to express herself or does not feel affection for you. In either case, you come out losing. Why show affection for a person who does not give it back to you?

11. She hits, pushes, slaps, kicks and gives you names

It’s time to end the relationship immediately, without explanation. Nothing of “Let’s go to therapy” or “Honey, I will change” or, even worse “You forced me.” At the
moment she becomes physically violent, you should leave her.

12. Most women know what they want, and some would do anything to get what they want

If you have a relationship with a woman who manipulates people or situations to her advantage, then that relationship is not worth it. That kind of women use sex as a
weapon, cry and make you believe it’s your fault when in fact is hers, and often will cast the blame on you for everything bad that happens. If your girl shows these
signs, you have to evacuate the building. RIGHT NOW!

Extra: You keep wondering if this girl has too much baggage, too much history. If you’re wondering, you’re probably right, that simple. Life is too short to waste it
on the wrong people. If you do not believe me, try to see it this way: while you’re trying to change this person with who you go out every day, it might work for a few
months, but meanwhile, the person who you REALLY connect, someone who wasn’t wasting his time has already found her.

Now that you have read the above, you should ask yourself the following question: Am I dating an angel or a demon?

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