Signs to know if a woman likes you

Signs to know if a woman likes you

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The following are the most common 4 Signs to know if a woman likes you. Pay attention and see if that woman really wants you.

Signs to know if a woman likes you

1. The chin toward you

I think that the wrong approach in the interpretation of the female body language during the approach phase, it is that supposedly they tend to “show the neck” when they are interested in a man. A little risky affirmation, since it depends on not more or less than the posture she’s sitteth! A better way to identify this trend is to see if her chin is slightly inclined toward us (regardless if we see her neck or not). If so, a good sign; this is one of the “axis” of attention, which tells us immediately if they’re interested in what we are saying. Remember that women like to talk face to face.

2. Feet slightly apart

Research indicates that when a woman is standing, the dynamism with which maintains the balance tells us the emotions she feels. If both legs are straight and expressionless, her passion is far away, maybe in Japan!. If they are slightly open or playing with the ankles, she is nervous (but why?), we can not know unless we continue investigating. But certainly it is not distant.

3. Remember details of previous conversations

Did you think it was just about watching how she moves? A woman, for distracted she is, do not forget small details of what we say, if we seem interesting to them. To find out if a woman likes you, you just have to look out for if she remembers details about you that even yourself had forgotten.

4. Does not feel intimidated by your proximity

If she really likes you will not mind you anywhere near her; but if you do it at the wrong time, or if you are too impetuous, you can say goodbye to all the effort that you had applied so far. Do you want to know a simple way to approach her without “threatening” her space? Draw her attention away from you; while you’re doing it, look for something that can attract her attention (a puppy, another couple, a sculpture, what do I know …) and point it with a look, as you approach her (like trying to “point “with your eyes what you want her to see). You should be aware if she rocks back slightly (too bad sign!)

Do you know any other signs to know if a woman likes you? Share it with us.

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