Signs to identify if a woman likes you

Women are much more subtle than men when it comes to showing their taste for the opposite gender.

The males have been loaded with a genetic hunter, this means that they are guided by vision and are very obvious when a woman likes them, but in the case of women this is an enigma, they are cautious and do not give away their intentions so easily, for that reason I think it’s important for men to know what the signs are to know if a woman likes them.

Signs to identify if a woman likes you

Signs to identify if a woman likes you

So, here we leave you with 5 signs to identify if a woman likes you.

Signs to identify if a woman likes you

1. She pays more attention to you than to others:

Men seek to be accepted and women to be chosen.

When a girl starts liking you, the first thing she tries to do is call your attention, this does not mean that she is going to stand in front of you and say, here I am.

An example of this was an occasion where a girl (who hated me) was talking in a circle with us, I sensed that I was attracting her attention, but it was when she asked the group a question (What have they done with your lives lately) and turned just to see me, then, I could verify my hypothesis.

“Women are so discreet that they will be able to use others to reach you”

2. She laughs at everything you say:

Everyone likes to spend time with someone who is fun, but when a woman feels attracted to you she will start to laugh most of the time.

I know you have good jokes, the important thing is to identify which are not so good and she likewise laughs as if it were the best joke in history.

A possible explanation is due to a defense mechanism to shame and / or grief, which serves to avoid those emotions (they do not want to lose the style in front of you).

“If you like how I make you laugh … you’ll love how I’m going to make you scream”

3. They seek to shorten the corporal distance:

If the purpose of the courtship is sex, one way to get there is to shorten the corporal distance between the 2 people.

If you are in a bar, the first thing to shorten the distance is to direct her body to yours (where her genitals point to your genitals), as they are comfortable with the interaction, the distance will be shortened until they reach the physical contact.

Another example of this is when a woman seeks to make a plan with you, this is another way to shorten the body distance since she is miles away and now seeks to have you in front of her.

How do you want me to have sex with you if I do not have you in front of me?

4. She begins to touch you:

As I said, the purpose is to have sex, so after she shortened the distance with you, she would seek to have physical contact.

One can realize this if she touches your shoulder, arm, abdomen, etc.

The more intimate and prolonged the physical contact, the greater your chances of something happening with that girl.

“The area and contact time is very important”

5. She allows you to touch her:

The seduction is a dance of two, as you go forward she will also do it, no matter how long you have known her, the ideal is that you
start the contact as soon as possible, this is useful so that she feels familiar with your presence and that later your physical contact is not an intrusion.

One way to do this is in the first moments of the conversation, briefly touching her shoulder or hand, here you can apply what I call “The technique of the iron”, which is to put your hand in an area and remove it, later you put it back until she feels comfortable with your contact, if you feel that she is uncomfortable you take it away, the idea is not to burn yourself.

When a girl likes a man, she will let him touch her, so that later the contact becomes more intimate.

How do you want to kiss her if you do not start touching her?