Signs That You’re Going Out With The Wrong Woman

In the beginning, most of the relationships seem perfect. You and your girlfriend smile, enjoy and spend a lot of time together.

However, once the dust settles and the novelty of the relationship disappears, you can begin to wonder if the girl you’re dating is the wrong one.

Signs That You're Going Out With The Wrong Woman

Signs That You’re Going Out With The Wrong Woman

Sure, it may still be fun to hang out with her and that the attraction is still there, but there seems to be something in her that just does not go with you.

Here are some signs that will help you know if you can be dating the wrong girl.

Signs That You’re Going Out With The Wrong Woman

Sign # 1: You Feel Disinterested …

If you are at a dinner with your partner, in which you are having a long conversation with her … and you notice that you are more immersed in your thoughts than in the conversation itself.

It is not that you consciously choose not to listen to what she is saying, but that you constantly spend it asking her to repeat the last thing she said because you can not remember her even if your life depended on it.

Not all conversations will be brilliant, but at least you should want to listen most of the time.

Sign # 2: The Little Things Annoy You …

It may have been something you noticed from the beginning of the relationship: the way she pronounces a certain word or some tic very typical of her that you thought was cute or just easy enough to ignore.

Now you irrationally bother yourself for all these little things; What used to mean nothing, now terrifies you to the level of not wanting to spend time with her because she could do that thing again.

Sign # 3: Avoid Family Reunions …

… And any other event that may indicate that your relationship has a long-term future. It’s not that you do not like her family, it’s just that you feel a little reluctant about doing anything that links you to her life for a long period of time.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, you gradually move away from the relationship in your head and try to lessen the impact that a breakup can have on your life.

Sign # 4: You Do not get Excited See her …

Despite the great progress of long-term relationships, one still often feels that spark of excitement to see his beloved if they have been separated for a while.

If you just realized that you have not felt this in a long time … it’s not a good sign.

You do not have to dance of joy every time you plan a date, but if you feel ambivalent about your encounters with her, then it is an indicator that you no longer feel much for this girl.

Sign # 5: Do not Make Her Part of Your Life …

No matter how independent you are, having a partner means that you open your life to that person, even if it’s just a little bit.

Maybe she goes out with your friends from time to time or goes to one or another of your work events.

If you are frantically trying to keep her away from anything that can make her permanent in your life, do not let anyone know her and all the meetings are at home, well, this does not mean anything good.

Integrating her into your day-to-day life means that she makes you happy that she is in your life for quite some time, and the opposite means precisely the opposite.

It may be difficult to leave your relationship with the wrong woman if you are worried about meeting someone new or if you are used to your current partner.

But ending the relationship is ultimately the right thing to do.

You do not have to worry about being stuck with someone you’re not sure about, and your partner does not have to worry about trying to keep a failed relationship afloat.

Instead of losing a second more with the wrong woman, I advise you to look for a girl who shows signs of having Bride Material.