Signs that your girlfriend is unfaithful

Do you think she deceives you? Discover already if you are right.

Even though it could only be anxiety or meaningless worries that you should put aside when you have a set of signs that your partner is cheating on you it is difficult to get rid of them.

Signs that your girlfriend is unfaithful

Signs that your girlfriend is unfaithful

No matter how long you have been together or how much you swear that nothing is happening, there are signs that little by little will let you know her true intentions and actions.

Although they are not scientifically proven, experts agree that these indicators will give you a better perspective of the situation in which your wife’s love is.

Here we tell you theĀ 7 Signs that your girlfriend is unfaithful

Signs that your girlfriend is unfaithful

1. She is distant.

She may be busy with work, going to her yoga class or spending the afternoon with friends, but if she does not tell you about her day it may be that there is someone else to whom she tells it.

Laurel House, the dating coach, and writer says that if she does not tell you her frustrations and ups and downs, you have a reason to worry because she could be venting with someone else.

2. She does not open with you.

Let’s face it, women are always more open than men when it comes to emotions.

And when trust is mutual, you will realize that for her only you exist.

However, if she is quiet lately and never complains about anything, she is probably finding the comfort she needs somewhere else.

3. Hides her phone.

When someone does something that they consider wrong, it is logical that there is a sense of guilt.

If instead of entering her social networks with confidence before you, she decides to go to another room, then maybe she does not want you to discover her in an act of deception.

4. She does not give you details.

She constantly tells you that she will go out at night with friends and that nobody will take her boyfriend.

In addition, she rarely tells you what happened in those outings and tries to evade the issue.

If each time she includes you less in her plans and even prefers to cancel you before the others, then you have a very powerful reason to believe that there is another man in the door.

5. She does not want intimacy anymore.

When you can not even remember the last time you had sex, then there is a very important factor of suspicion in your relationship.

Dr. Kat Van Kirk, sexologist, and writer, says that when your partner is not willing to have sex or physical contact is because perhaps her interest is already elsewhere.

6. She made herself a radical change of ‘look’.

Although all women enjoy changing their wardrobe or hair color from time to time, it is clear that, if in addition to all the above, she decides to cut her hair and go out much more groomed than before, there is something wrong.

If this behavior continues for a considerable period then you may have competition.

7. She tells you that you are insecure.

Instead of trying to calm you down and make you feel better, she constantly blames you for your insecurity and your “unjustified” jealousy.

He who owes nothing fears nothing and if she really wants to be with you she will support you so that you feel better instead of getting angry with you.