Signs That Your Girlfriend Had Sex With Another Man

If you suspect that your partner has had intimacy with someone else, you only need to review these signs.

Men are less discreet in relation to their furtive encounters, that is why they are quickly discovered, while women are so cautious, that it is difficult to discover what happens in intimacy.

However, (although it is not a fact) there are signs that indicate that most likely your partner has been with someone else:

 Signs That Your Girlfriend Had Sex With Another Man


1. Men are going to feel more attracted to her:


The more active her sex life is, the more feromones she releases, chemicals designed to attract the opposite sex.

In other words, if she suddenly becomes more attractive to men, it is because she is having an active sex life.

2. She is happier:


The frequency of sexual activity increases one’s perception and happiness.

In fact, people who have sex 2 to 3 times a week are more likely to feel happy.

It is not only biological but also competitive.

3. She looks prettier:


During sex, her body undergoes several changes; The two main ones have to do with muscle tension and increased circulation of blood in certain areas of the body.

A flushed face indicates good health, increased levels of estrogen (a hormone linked to female fertility) and her beauty.

4. She slept super well:


Women who reach orgasm have a 30% increase in the production of a hormone called prolactin.

And is that this hormone is the one that causes drowsiness and can improve REM sleep associated with a good night’s rest.

5, She is less “needy”:


People, in general, have a deep need to feel “connected.”

And the sexual act and the release of oxytocin helps people feel connected.

This feeling satisfies the evolutionary need of women of having a social network to protect their next children.

To make matters worse, this oxytocin helps women not to over analyze their social interactions.

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