Signs that the woman you like only sees you as a friend

Who has not heard of the friend zone? even more in the digital age where sentimental relationships are so ephemeral and superficial that love is confused with friendship.

Friend’s zone‘, have you ever fallen into the terrible ‘friend zone’?

Signs that the woman you like only sees you as a friend

Signs that the woman you like only sees you as a friend

We all hate it and we hope it never happens to us because there is nothing more terrible than having a one-sided love for someone who does not look at you, or who ‘loves you very much … but as a best friend’.

Do you think you are falling in that area and want to confirm it?

We will help you with some data, these are the 7 signs that tell you that you are in the ‘Friend’s zone‘ even when nobody has found out.

Signs that the woman you like only sees you as a friend

# 1 Seen:

With the digital age have also increased the cybernetic broken hearts, it hurts to all of us a ‘seen’, and more if it is the person we like, and more if it is when we finally get encouraged and we invite her to go out.

Do they always leave you on “seen”? That is a sign that she does not want anything with you.

# 2 Always thanks:

The girl you like often thanks you for everything you say to her and always uses words like “How cute, you’re the best”.

# 3 You are her tear cloth:

This is super common and is one of the biggest signs that with that girl you will only be in the friend zone.

She tells you about her boys and tells you how much her relationships hurt her, you are always there listening to everything.

# 4 Counselor:

You would like to be something more, she only sees you as someone to talk to and someone to ask about her relationships.

“Do you think he loves me? What do you think about this?”.

# 5 He only looks for you when he needs you:

Falling in the friend zone is silly, so if you’re there it’s because you do not have a lot of self-esteem and that does not make you realize that that girl is using you and only looks for you when she needs something from you.

# 6 Tells you that she loves you:

The typical, “I love you very much, you are the best, thank you for always being there … best friend”

We know that you liked everything except the last sentence.


# 7 Responds in a hard way to your messages:

When you greet her or kiss her goodnight, she usually says “ok, thanks”, or when you invite her out and in the event that she does not let on “seen”,-she says “hahaha”.

My Friend, open your eyes!