Signs that show that a woman is in love with you

Sometimes it’s not easy to realize when a girl starts to be interested in you.

Every woman is a world, and of course, not all of them behave in the same way. But there are certain signs that they usually share when they begin to feel “those butterflies in the stomach.”

Signs that show that a woman is in love with you

1- Show interest in your hobbies and your favorite activities.

If a girl starts listening to your favorite songs or asking you questions about your hobbies, maybe she is interested in you.

If she shows interest in the games you play, the TV shows you watch, or the activities you usually do, she probably wants to spend time with you.

It can be a sign that she wants to be in your life and know more about yourself.

2- Takes the initiative to start a conversation.

If you see that she shows interest in having a conversation with you, and brings up a topic of conversation, it is that she may like you.

If she is in love with you, she probably wants to spend time talking with you, so she always tries to find topics to talk about.

3- She asks you many questions about your life.

If a girl is attracted to you, then she is likely to ask many questions.

These issues can range from small things, like your hobbies and favorite activities, to more serious matters like your future plans.

She will also ask you for more detailed explanations if she feels that your answers do not satisfy her curiosity.

4- She gives you gifts.

Making gifts is a way that many people express that you are someone special to them.

Whether it’s your birthday, Valentine’s Day, or just a memory of a trip, it can mean they’re interested in yourself.

But do not make mistakes, not all the girls who give you a gift, are in love with you.

Think if those gifts are special and if you notice a different attitude in her.

5- She behaves in a childish way with you.

Sometimes, girls behave in a more childish way when they are in love.

Raise their tone of voice, shout, jump, or laugh out loud to get your attention.

Take into account also their way of speaking.

6- She has become shy with you.

This is a physical reaction that many people suffer when they are in love.

Suddenly, you will notice her timider when she interacts with you. It is also normal to turn red or nervous when dealing with you.

7- Pays attention.

Unconsciously she is likely to be more attentive to you than usual.

Do not be surprised if you see that she cares about you, or even scolds you for little things.

8- Visual contact.

Many people when in love seek eye contact.

In some cases, when she is timider, it is likely to turn red.

Try to look her directly in the eyes while you speak, so you will know if chemistry exists between you.

9- She looks happy when she is with you.

When a girl is in love, her face looks radiant.

Look at her eyes, her smile and her gestures.

If she is happier or her eyes shine, she is more likely to be in love.

If she talks and laughs a lot, it can be a sign that she cares about you.

10- Tries to impress you.

If you see that she fixes herself more, tries to get pretty or shows some of her qualities, she may be trying to impress you.

If you see that she does, do not hesitate to flatter her for it, she is striving to be beautiful and interesting.