Signs That She Thinks Of Someone Else When She Is With You

When the members of the couple do not fight so the relationship continues with the love, trust, respect, and happiness of the beginning, this will gradually stop satisfying them and it will be at that moment when one of the parties decides to look for someone else. When a third party enters, they are usually blamed for the failure of the relationship.


But we never start to think that if that person entered it is because the couple, let him pass. When one of the members is thinking of another person who is not precisely their partner, it is evident with the following actions.

Signs That She Thinks Of Someone Else When She Is With You

1. She feels controlled by you.

Every second she complains that you took away her freedom, that you want to “dominate her” and that she doesn’t like the situation since she feels that you want to be in control. However, things are completely different, since she always does whatever she wants and you don’t limit it at all.

If every time she mentions this, it is because she wants you to feel bad and that in case she decides to deceive you think that it was your behavior that made her look for an alternative relationship. Remember that in a healthy relationship individual freedom is indispensable, but to have it there must be respect and above all trust

2. Asks you to change the image.

Surely your partner wants you to become that person with whom she is fantasizing, therefore it will not be strange for her to give you some type of garment, comment on your hairstyle, etc.

Remember that when someone loves you accepts you as you are, for that person you are simply the closest to perfection, therefore she will not try to modify any part of your physical appearance.

3. She seems to have more friends from the opposite sex than you.

She is always talking about that “friend” of the opposite sex she has since childhood. Apparently in all the conversations that your partner considers interesting is present this person as the protagonist or is part of them. She always has a compliment or some positive comment towards him.

According to a Neuman investigation, 40% of the unfaithful people found the lover at work. They are with the people with whom they have daily contact and for a considerable period of time with whom they can establish emotional ties.

4. Visits adult sites.

It is said that it is increasingly common for both men and women to consume adult content. In fact, there are experts who recommend doing this activity as a couple since it benefits the trust that exists between both.

The problem arises when every day other activities are replaced by this one and it becomes an obsession that gradually ruins the person’s life. Your partner may not be thinking of someone real, but of a person who she sees behind a screen.

If your partner is distant and indifferent, it is time to talk about what happens to her. Remember that communication will always be the way to resolve any type of conflict, therefore if you think that something is wrong in the relationship, try to solve it always looking for the benefit of both.