Signs That She Is The Woman For You

You love her smile, you think she is the perfect woman but is she for you?

Signs That She Is The Woman For You

Signs That She Is The Woman For You

The world knows that in matters of love, life can be complicated and unfair, but it does not have to be for you if you learn to identify the right signals.

Signs That She Is The Woman For You

1. There are no uncomfortable silences:

She is not that person with whom you always have a topic to talk about.

No, she is that girl you can talk to and be quiet in comfort.

Believe me, silence is not bad, it becomes worse with the wrong people.

2. You say pardon when you know you’re not wrong:

During the intense moment, you had to swallow your pride to say ‘sorry’.

At the end of the day, you can concentrate on what really matters … and that mistake will surely be forgotten the next day.

3. You see her everywhere:

EVERYTHING reminds you of her and you even think you see her at school (even though she is at work) and at the supermarket (even though she lives far away from there).

This happens because your mind and body are telling you that you only need a woman … you can stop looking.

4. You always think of her first:

To fall in love, you must first fall in love with yourself.

And to fall in love with someone else, sometimes you’ll have to put yourself in second place.

In love, you have to make sacrifices from time to time, but if you do them for her, they do not feel like sacrifices.

5. You want to spend a lot of time with her:

24 hours a day are simply not enough.

After going out together, you talk to each other on the phone and when you wake up, you know you dreamed with her!

If within 3 years you still want to sleep with her every day, you are already on the other side.

6. You miss her after saying goodbye:

When you’ve found the right one, you start to miss her right after you say goodbye to each other.

And this is when you think: “And when will I see her again?” It is easy to distinguish false and real feelings in this way.

Who crossed your mind while seeing this?