Signs That She Is Playing With You

Of course, you’ve probably had unsteady relationships in the past, some ex-girlfriends with certain problems, but nothing is worse than being excited and that girl you’re dating is just playing with you. If you’re dating a girl that you like very much but you have the feeling that she is not serious, maybe even doubling, take a look at these common signs that indicate that this girl has you in her hands.

Signs That She Is Playing With You

Take note of these signs. Maybe you’re just her momentous plan, her entertaining of the moment to forget her ex or a short-term fun.

5. She does not let you meet her friends or family.

Many people think that one should wait a while to get to know their family, but if you’ve already dated her for a couple of months, at least you should know some of her close friends. Haven’t you met them yet? Maybe she does not know how to explain the relationship she has with you to her friends or family, especially if they have not talked about the exclusivity of the relationship. There is nothing wrong with asking you to meet some of her closest friends, if she dismisses the idea, then you should start to ask if she really is determined to start a serious relationship.

6. Never spends the night with you (or stays longer).

You’ve already seen it millions of times in the movies series. The boy asks for a taxi for the girl before she can finish dressing. If this sounds familiar with some scenario in real life, and she is always running to the door, there is a chance that she is only there for the physical. Many times if the person does not take a relationship seriously, this person does not stay longer for any reason, after having intimacy. This is another red flag. If you want more then you should talk it to see if you are both on the same page.

7. Never refers to you as her lover / boyfriend / couple.

If she has not tagged you yet and she has been dating you for quite some time then this may be because you are not exclusive or she wants to have her options open. If she introduces you to her friends as her “friend” after you’ve been going out for several months and this bothers you, then it is time to say something. If you want something and she clearly does not, then it is time to step aside to that person who wants the same as you.

8. She is affectionate and cold.

In a minute, she is determined and even asks you to take a vacation together, but the next minute she walks away or puts a distance between both of you. Often when people are hot and cold, it is because they are confused and insecure of what they want. This is reflected in their behaviors. To make simple a complicated situation: Find a person who lines up with you and is happy to be with you. It is not fair to you that she is constantly moving away and approaching you whenever she wants.